Ronda Gottschall: ‘In shock’ over MCTA |

Ronda Gottschall: ‘In shock’ over MCTA

To the editor:

I'm in shock over the Moffat County Tourism Association again.

After having one director convicted of embezzlement, wouldn't you think that would show the organization it needs to do a better job of managing its directors?  

Two directors later, MCTA is doing the same thing and a board member even publicly admitted she was signing off on purchases without paying attention.

Does this board actually do anything? Do they report to anyone who should be holding them accountable for what they do or don't do?

And now it looks like MCTA is letting the newest director do the same thing — personally benefit from taxpayer dollars.

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At the first meeting with the new director, the MCTA board voted to spend $3,000 with the Craig Campground, the current director's employer.

And, the board voted to merge the MCTA website with the Craig Campground's website.

That is a private business. Why is MCTA using tax dollars to promote a private business? I checked the current website,, and didn't think there was a thing wrong with it. There's a lot of good information there.

The Craig Campground's website doesn't seem to be any improvement, so why is MCTA merging with it? Again, the current director's employer.

Someone needs to do something. Three directors pulling the wool over an entire board's eyes should show someone that this board isn't capable of monitoring an employee or making any decisions that aren't self-serving.

I understand the biggest single investment the board made was with the Craig Daily Press (approximately $30,000 in 2010). And the board is on track to do it again this year.

Ask the county for a list of MCTA board members to see which one benefited from that.

MCTA is funded by our tax dollars.

Am I mistaken, or isn't it the job of the county commissioners to see that our tax dollars are spent wisely? Have they ever really looked at what the money is being spent for?

If not, I think they should.  

Ronda Gottschall

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