Ron and Betty Gorbet: Save our deer |

Ron and Betty Gorbet: Save our deer

To the editor:

I am not so sure that it is the deer that need to be removed. How can anyone in their right mind categorize deer with bears and mountain lions?

These animals are predators. They are carnivores and will kill to survive. Deer are herbivores.

They will not attack people or other animals unless they feel they themselves or their young are in danger. Everything in this valley in based on the wildlife.

How can a city that has so much revenue from these majestic animals want to slaughter them?

We as people are the intruders, not the wildlife. And I honestly think if I was minding my own businesses and some person came chasing me with a broom, I think I would stand my ground, also.

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Can you imagine what that poor deer must have thought?

There are very few places where a person can sit in their yard or front room window and actually see these beautiful animals.

I think that the people that are having all these problems with our wildlife should re-evaluate their approach to the animals that choose to grace their yards.

If they still feel they are in danger, they can go to Wal-Mart and buy a pocket foghorn.

And I can bet it will chase off anything that is in the vicinity. Killing our deer should not be an option. Come on Craig, really.

Ron and Betty Gorbet

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