Robert Byrnes: Keep art program |

Robert Byrnes: Keep art program

To the editor:

Art is part of the American culture, as well as every culture on the Earth.

Literature, applied arts, musicals and choir — they help make up the American culture.

We are known for our music and various forms of art.

Leonardo da Vinci's art still is being admired by people all across the world. Jackson Pollock, Michelangelo … they are all artists.

How would the world have been different if they hadn't lived?

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How would anyone express themselves without art?

Without art, the world is just plain, color is just something that is there, something that would be taken for granted.

History would be so limited without art. How much of history is made up of art?

Taking out the art program would do more harm than good. I say leave it be. It is important, regardless of opposition.

Robert Byrnes

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