Robbie and Angela Roberts, Shirley Moschetti: Wrestling program a positive experience |
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Robbie and Angela Roberts, Shirley Moschetti: Wrestling program a positive experience

We are writing this letter in hopes that the community gets a positive understanding of what the Bad Dawgs wrestling program has been about for our boys and us.

When we signed the boys up, it was our understanding that the season would run from October to May. As parents, it’s our right to decide whether our boys can handle this long of a season.

Now, it has come to our attention that the boys would be taking a break in January, this decision being made by a few people. This type of decision or any other major decisions should be made publicly and with all coaches and parents present.

We appreciate the coaches, Billy Bingham and Shad Peters, and the time they take out of their busy schedules to coach our boys.

With observing the practices, they have been fun, positive and structured, giving the kids a chance to learn the right techniques, which builds a foundation, giving them the opportunity to perfect those techniques as they grow and further their wrestling careers.

We are only looking for positive activities for our boys to be involved in, and if this program weren’t positive, we never would have kept the boys involved in it.

We have been really impressed about what our boys have learned during the season. Bingham and Peters have been nothing but positive for the boys. We have never felt pressured nor have we ever been told that if they couldn’t make practice or go to a tournament, they couldn’t wrestle.

They have been respectful of the decision we have made as parents. We do know that the tournaments we have taken the boys to have been positive and well-organized. We also notice the respect and good relationship Bingham and Peters have with the other coaches within the league, modeling to the kids good sportsmanship.

With this kind of coaching and leadership, we don’t know how the Bad Dawgs wrestling program can be a negative one for our children.

Most of all, we personally would like to thank Billy Bingham and Shad Peters for their time, effort and positive leadership they have given to our boys.

Robbie and Angela Roberts

Shirley Moschetti