Residents take advantage of free trash services |

Residents take advantage of free trash services

Jeff Swanson

Clean-up Craig Week is over for another year, and according to some of those in charge of overseeing the event, this year was another success.

“We had a pretty good effort from everyone who brought stuff in this year,” Craig Road and Bridge Department Director Randy Call said. “It was kind of normal, nothing really exciting, not like some of the things that we have seen in the years before this. We had a lot of minor things brought in, but nothing huge.”

In previous years, the city has left dumpsters at the City Park unmanned, which allowed some residents the freedom to dispose of rather large, and often unusual, debris.

“About four years ago, we had a guy with a truck drive right down the street towing a big tree,” Call said. “He pulled right on up to the dumpster, unhooked the tree and left it laying right there. Not long after that, we decided that it would probably be a good idea if we were to keep someone watching them throughout the weekend.”

A tree was not the only strange disposal made by a resident.

Another person with some junk to dispose of didn’t just bring the trash they had cleaned out of a building, they brought the entire building.

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“In addition to the tree incident, we had a guy once tear down an entire building and bring it down. He had broken it down to smaller pieces and piled the wood strips and planks right there next to the dumpster,” Call said. “After that, we decided that it would be best if we would have just one location, with two men manning the dumpster.”

Not only is Clean-up Craig Week a good way to get rid of the junk that may have piled up over the years, it is also an opportunity to save a little money.

“It kind of gives people amnesty of sorts, as far as the refrigerators and other appliances go,” he said. “Normally the landfill charges to get rid of these, especially if there is freon removal involved. On the clean-up days, you can either go out and dump it yourself, or bring it to us and we can take it out there.

In most cases, residents are charged $35 to $40 to have freon removed from refrigerators, however, during the clean-up days, that’s not a problem.

“The County has someone who is licensed to remove the freon, so that helps everyone,” he said. “After that, most of the appliances are taken to Axis Steel where we get rid of them. It helps everyone out.

“Overall, we were pretty happy with the type of turnout that we had. We had a few more people show up on Saturday than we did on Sunday, but otherwise, it was business as usual.”

The Moffat County Landfill was open for free dumping Saturday and Sunday. According to County Road and Bridge Department Director Dennis Jones, the number of people who took advantage of the service have not been determined.

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