Resident certified to train instructors |

Resident certified to train instructors

Safety pays, and in more ways than one.

Because of his efforts to bring the Refuse to be a Victim program to Craig, National Rifle Association (NRA) member Ray Beck was selected to become regional counselor, which certifies him to train other program instructors. He was the only instructor in Colorado chosen to become a regional counselor.

Beck traveled to the National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax, Va., on June 7-10 to participate in the three-day training with 20 other program instructors.

Refuse to be a Victim is a program started by the NRA in 1995 to educate women on common-sense techniques they could use to avoid becoming crime victims. Students are taught how to be safe when outside at night, when traveling or when in the home. Topics include home lighting, alarms, locks and security systems. In the class, people learn to be aware of when they are in an unsafe situation and how to make that situation safer.

“It’s not about guns, it’s about self defenses being alert and being aware,” Beck said.

In 1997, the course was opened to men.

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Interested in teaching personal safety, Beck trained to become an instructor and brought the class to Craig in 1999. Since then, he has taught nearly 40 people how to protect themselves from crime.

Beck was one of 11 people selected for the training. There were 23 applicants. The criteria for being selected include: How active the applicant is as an instructor, how active the applicant is in the community and how supportive the applicant is as an NRA member. Applicants also must have been recommended by another regional counselor.

“I feel it’s a privilege and honor to do this because it’s a great community service,” Beck said.

Regional counselors have the responsibility of selecting and training instructors.

Beck tentatively plans to offer instructor training Sept. 15-16 at the Criminal Justice Center in Montrose.

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