Republican, unaffiliated candidate vying for Moffat County Commission District 1 seat |

Republican, unaffiliated candidate vying for Moffat County Commission District 1 seat

Joe Moylan

Dave DeRose, a former City of Craig mayor, announced Saturday his candidacy for the Moffat County Commission's District 1 seat during the Moffat County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, a biennial fundraisr. He will meet unaffiliated candidate John Kinkaid in November's general election.
Joe Moylan

The Republican Party's field of candidates vying for public office became more defined Saturday night during the Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser.

One of the local offices up for grabs in November is the Moffat County Commission District 1 seat.

Commissioner Tom Gray holds the office currently, but is term limited.

John Kinkaid, 58, of Craig, announced his candidacy for the seat in February 2011 and is running unaffiliated.

He was joined in the race Saturday night by fellow Craig resident Dave DeRose, 57, who announced his bid for District 1 as a Republican.

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DeRose began his announcement speech by asking the audience if they realized the Star Spangled Banner opens with a question.

"The reason that question is asked is I think everyone that authored our government knew the hardest thing to keep operating is a government of the people, by the people and for the people," DeRose said. "That government has to extend from city hall all the way to the White House."

In addition to owning Masterworks Mechanical, Inc., DeRose served 10 years on the Craig City Council, including three terms as mayor.

He said government is most efficient and effective when leaders treat it like a business.

"What do we do to make the City of Craig, the county of Moffat, House District 57, the Eighth District of the senate, the 14th Judicial District and the White House raise our nation, our state and our communities back to the level we once knew and were?" DeRose asked. "With your permission, I'd like to find out the answers to those questions for Moffat County."

Kinkaid also attended the Lincoln Day Dinner. He praised his challenger after the event.

"Dave is a very worthy opponent," Kinkaid said. "He's smart, articulate and funny. He's a very successful businessman and, quite frankly, we need more people like Dave at the state and federal level and less attorneys and lifetime politicians.

"I expected Dave to announce, but I'm still running and I'm in this to win."

Nothing about the unaffiliated candidate's campaign is going to change now that DeRose has entered the race, Kinkaid said.

He is sticking to his original game plan of running a "shoe leather campaign" focused on going door-to-door to meet with residents and business owners to spread his pro energy/pro economy message and to listen to issues important to community members.

"Everything in my life has been a prelude to becoming a county commissioner," Kinkaid said. "I'm so passionate about this. My roots are here. Moffat County is the place for me to govern and be a part of the solution."

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