Republican caucuses are drawing near |

Republican caucuses are drawing near

Moffat County will continue on its election path to November next week.

The Moffat County Repub­lican caucuses, which county Republican Central Committee chairman John Ponikvar called "politics at is most basic level," is scheduled to take place Tuesday.

The caucus is a gathering of residents who wish to nominate themselves or other residents to attend the county assembly.

Moffat County is broken up into 13 precincts, each of which has a Republican caucus location.

Residents wishing to attend the caucus must attend their assigned precinct caucus.

Ponikvar said while the caucuses last less than an hour, it is important for people to attend.

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"It gives people the ability to participate in the process more than just watching people on TV," he said. "To do this, you have to go out and really be apart of the politics."

The 13 county precincts will seek to nominate 90 residents as delegates to attend the Republican county assembly April 10. At the county assembly, the delegates will vote on which candidates go on to the primary election in August.

At the county assembly, the delegates will vote by secret ballot for candidates. Candidates must receive 30 percent of the delegate vote to be placed on the primary ballot.

If a candidate receives between 10 and 30 percent of the delegate votes, that candidate can petition his or her way onto the ballot by collecting a certain number of signatures based on the office sought.

If a candidate receives less than 10 percent of the delegate vote at the county assembly, they are eliminated from petitioning onto the ballot.

Before the caucuses Tuesday, candidates can call residents in the community and encourage them to attend the caucus in hopes they will carry forth a vote for them in the assembly.

The caucuses also serve to inform delegates of the candidates running and start dialogue between residents about those candidates.

The Moffat County Democratic Party also will host a caucus Tuesday, that party's coming at the Center of Craig.

Although no democratic candidates have filed candidate papers, the democratic caucus will determine which residents will be nominated to the county assembly and eventually to the state assembly, Moffat County Democratic Party chairman Ted Crook said.

Colorado and Vermont are the only two states that have caucuses every two years for the presidential and state elections, Ponikvar said.

"This is a real opportunity for people to be a part of the political process as our Founding Fathers did," Ponikvar said. "They had town meetings and they got together and discussed politics. It keeps to our Founding Fathers' roots."

Moffat County residents will vote for all elected county positions in November, save for Tom Gray's county commission seat.

On Monday, Tony St. John, 68, a republican, announced his candidacy for the Moffat County Commission. He will be running for the District 2 seat against incumbent Audrey Danner, 57, and Tami Barnes, 45, both republicans.

Frank Moe, 57, a republican, also announced his candidacy for the commission. Moe is running for District 3 against incumbent Tom Mathers, 60, also a republican.

Monday's announcements by St. John and Moe make four offices contested.

G.I. Buffham and Peter Epp are running for county surveyor, and Mike Brinks and Elaine Sullivan are running for county treasurer.

Lila Herod is running for county clerk and recorder. Sheriff Tim Jantz is running for re-election. Kirk McKey is running for coroner, and Carol Scott is running for county assessor.

If you go

What: Moffat County Republican Caucus

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday


• Precinct 1: Ridgeview Elementary School, 600 Westridge Road.

• Precinct 2: Moffat County Fairgrounds, 750 E. Fourth St.

• Precinct 3: Sandrock Elementary School, 201 E. Ninth St.

• Precinct 4: Ladore Hall, Browns Park.

• Precinct 5: Moffat County High School, 900 Finley Lane.

• Precinct 6: Maybell Community Center, 103 Ellis St.

• Precinct 7: Craig Middle School, 915 Yampa Ave.

• Precinct 8: Dinosaur Library, 109 E. Main St.

• Precinct 9: East Elementary School, 600 Texas Ave.

• Precinct 10: Hamilton Community Center, 17400 S. Colorado Highway 13.

• Precinct 11: Sunset Elementary School, 800 W. Seventh St.

• Precinct 12: Craig Middle School, 915 Yampa Ave.

• Precinct 13: Moffat County Extension Office, 221 W. Victory Way.

If you go

What: Moffat County Democratic Caucus

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Center of Craig, 601 Yampa Ave.

The events are open to the public.

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