Reishus: Updating friends, family |

Reishus: Updating friends, family

To the editor:

I love the E-edition of the Craig Daily Press.

I feel a need to update my Craig family and friends. Allan and I are now the proud grandparents of two granddaughters, Anna and Nick Som's children, MaryAnn, 3, and Amara Jo, 3 months.

What a joy for me to live only 14 miles away from them.

I continue to go back to Belize two or three times a year and really miss it.

The clinic that the Craig community and the First Congregational Church funded in 2000 continues to provide health services for the people of the Punta Gorda community.

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We still can't thank you enough.

Unfortunately, eight months ago I developed an autoimmune disorder that has severely limited my volunteer work.

I have great specialists here in Corvallis, Ore., but even after a two-day visit to the Mayo Clinic, I don't have a definitive diagnosis.

So, I'm not spending as much time in Belize as I would like.

I also want to say, vote. I'd vote for Audrey Danner and Mike Brinks if I was voting in Moffat County.

Donna Reishus

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