Reishus corresponds from South American ‘retreat’ |

Reishus corresponds from South American ‘retreat’

I watched my Broncos beat the Raiders … and life is good…

Now to see who wins the US presidency election!? Sunday I went to a Belizean football game (soccer) and my PG Estrellas won!

Also last night I watched the full moon come up over the Caribbean sea in front of my house. There is a field of sparkling fireflies nearby and it is so pretty to watch. Although this is basically a very poor country, God provides much beauty here, too.

The clinic is going well and as long as my volunteers, Sarah and Alexandra are with me, I’m keeping up with the paperwork. We see between 15-20 patients per day. Many women have had 12 or 13 pregnancies and may have only 6 or 7 living children. Basic hygiene is unavailable to many of them out in the villages. I am also finding that domestic violence and child physical/sexual abuse is a big problem. Women freely talk to me about it (when I ask), and the government. is trying to address these problems. Until the rights of women and children become more important in Belize, I’m afraid these will be ongoing problems for many families.

I hope I have FINALLY signed the last forms to get my things out of customs. The boxes arrived a couple weeks ago, but have remained in Belize City. The paperwork has been a nightmare (with 5 carbon copies of everything)!

The customs guy is allowing my things to come into the country duty free, because I am a volunteer nurse working here. He didn’t have to do that; its totally at his discretion what is duty free and what’s not.

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To the students at Sunset… your letters are still at the Customs office in Belize City. This is a good lesson for you in the meaning of RED TAPE (ask your teacher). As soon as I see them I’ll get them to St. Peter Claver School and the Methodist School. I have been meeting lots of kids in my neighborhood and they are anxious to hear from you, too!

More later!

Love and peace, Nurse Donna

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