Rebecca Hammond: Thanks, budget center |

Rebecca Hammond: Thanks, budget center

To the editor:

I would like to send a thank you to the local Community Budget Center.

My niece and nephew had just moved into their very first home together, and due to many unforeseen reasons, they were unable to have their propane tank filled.

As of earlier this week, they were running on 10 percent. We tried everything to get help, but with no avail.

My husband called the Budget Center, and with hardly any questions asked, it came through with 100 gallons of propane for them.

I was so impressed and thankful for their kindness and giving that it brought myself and my niece to tears. I am unable to say thank you enough to the staff there for giving us all peace of mind that they will have the warmth to get them through until we can afford to get them through next month.

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