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Ray Cartwright: Traffic problem

To the editor:

With the damage and closure of I-70 and the detour that is being routed up from Colorado Highway 13 to Craig and then across U.S. Highway 40, something needs to be done about the traffic through downtown Craig.

I realize that traffic is going to increase, but I refuse to think that traffic speeds have to increase to excess speeds in not only cars, but the truck traffic, too. I have sat and watched semi after semi careening through the curves on Fourth Street.

The Craig Police DepartĀ­ment and the Colorado State Patrol need to quit worrying about whether some teenager has their seat belt on and slow this traffic down. Someone is going to get killed.

Why can't we make these trucks use the truck bypass instead of going through town? Maybe the city of Craig could immediately erect some signage out on highways 13 and 40 to direct trucks to the bypass; we also might direct the trucks from using the downtown streets off of north 13, too.

Maybe an ordinance should be written to keep all trucks off of city streets with the exception of deliveries.

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Ray Cartwright

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