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Randy Knoche: Is county’s offer fair?

To the editor:

After reading Saturday's guest column from the Moffat County Commission, they claim they have heard from the people. Well, they haven't heard from this person.

Let me get these numbers straight: they want the city to pay between $700,000 and $1 million for a building that we as taxpayers are already paying for and have been for almost 10 years.

Will the county pay for all the maintenance and utilities in the coming years? I don't think so.

So why should the city outlay any cash? The numbers that I have seen for the city to pay their fair share (about 15 percent of the building) of the utilities and maintenance is about $240,000 per year.

Wow. Maybe somebody should turn off the lights when they leave. Any of you taxpaying landlords out there like to rent a few thousand feet of your buildings for $20,000 a month? Where on earth do these numbers come from?

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You can't include salaries and jail expenses in these costs. Who does your accounting, the federal government?

Get me the actual numbers on maintenance and utilities and I can give you a fair square footage price in 20 minutes and that is all I believe the city should be paying.

As for the city building a new building, why should we outlay a million dollars for a new building? What would they do with the empty space in the old building?

Maybe a marijuana dispensary or a massage parlor would pay $20,000 a month rent.

We have some of the best kindergarten teachers in the state in Craig, and if you people are going to act like kids in this issue, then maybe we should let the teachers decide this issue because they deal with children all the time.

Let me say one more thing to all you elected officials — please try to remember that all the monies to pay for this stuff is coming from a soon to be endangered species, the American taxpayer.

Thank you.

Randy Knoche

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