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R.B. Parrish: Does the local union work for employees?

To the editor:

Tri-State employees, does the union work for you? Or do we work for the union?

This contract has been extended for many years.

Our union dues paid to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 111 are more than $225,000 a year.

The national cost of living is 4.1 percent. This contract extension falls short of this.

The least our local union could do is go to the table in 2008 and bring our bargaining agreement to present times –etter health insurance, higher core work force numbers and a cost-of-living allowance that better meets these times of rising costs, just to name a few. We all work hard for our families to provide them with a stable future.

Please send a clear message to our local 111 union administration. Demand that they work for us. Vote “no” on this contract extension.

R.B. Parrish

IBEW Local 111 member