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Puck Ewes hockey falls to 0-3

Lani Cleverly, member of the Craig Puck Ewes women’s hockey team, approaches the goalie for the Vail Twin Peaks in a 2008 game. The Puck Ewes dropped a game against Vail on Saturday, 7-2, at the Moffat County Ice Arena. The team’s season record stands at 0-3.

Now in her ninth year playing for the women's hockey team, the Craig Puck Ewes, Terri Jourgensen enjoys the sport this season just as much as she did in any other year.

But, the team's first few games this year have been a little less enjoyable for her.

"It's always a lot of fun, just not as much when you're losing," she said.

Beginning their season on Nov. 6, the Puck Ewes have had a rough start, losing their first three consecutive games to teams including the Glenwood Springs Ice Queens and the Down Valley Divas.

Most recently, the team lost a Saturday home game, 7-2, to the Vail Twin Peaks at the Moffat County Ice Arena.

Coach Darin Hickey said the Puck Ewes' weakness in the early season has been getting their offense on the same level as their defense.

"They've been struggling a little bit on offense because they haven't been able to get in enough shots," he said. "That's been our weak link."

The team's roster has changed since last season, with numerous players not returning this year, including former goalie Kandice Torno and Annie Abdella, who is sitting out the season because of a pregnancy.

New players on the team include Julie Baker, Karra Juergens and Emma Attolini.

"The new girls are really trying hard. They're giving 110-percent," Hickey said.

Jourgensen described the season as a "growing year."

"We need to work on our plays and positioning and endurance," she said.

Jourgensen's scoring record for the year includes an assist to scorer Charlene Abdella in the Vail game. Jourgensen did not play last season because of surgery on her knee, but she scored four goals and seven assists in the 2008-09 season.

Jamie Eckroth is the team's leading scorer, having scored a goal each in the Vail and Down Valley games. She also led the team in goals for the last two seasons, with a total of 30 amassed during 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Eckroth said the results for the season have been somewhat disappointing, though she sees no reason the team can't improve.

"Right now, we're just trying to figure out our lines," she said. "We need to practice more and play like a team.

Eckroth said she has played with the team for eight years and has seen ups and downs every season.

"We've had a slow start, but there's plenty of time for practice," she said.

Jourgensen said the month of December will give the team a chance to improve without worrying about competition

The team's next game is scheduled for Jan. 8 in Aspen.

"I'm really looking forward to the second half of the season," she said.