Publisher’s Notebook: A time for leadership |

Publisher’s Notebook: A time for leadership

Bryce Jacobson

Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

Now that the dust has settled from Tuesday's Moffat County Republican primary election, I want to congratulate incumbent commissioners Audrey Danner and Tom Mathers on their victories and wish them good luck as they advance — likely unopposed — to November's general election.

It's no secret that I voted for their opponents Tuesday night. However, this is no time for sour grapes. Instead, it's time to reflect on what we learned from this election.

The question I have today is, what do the people of Moffat County want?

Judging by Tuesday's results, the majority want more of the same. However, keeping the close vote totals in the commission races in mind, it also appears there's a big segment of our community that wants change of some sort.

I hope Danner, Mathers and commissioner Tom Gray, whose position was not up for grabs Tuesday, consider this. Granted, it's a tough act — balancing the desires of the many who want to hold the line with those who seek progress — and the commission's task is not an easy one.

However, they should consider Tuesday's results not as a resounding victory in support of the current administration, but a community split on the county's future direction.

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To say the community sent a message of satisfaction with the way county business is being handled is naïve, to say the least.

The issues facing our county today aren't much different than ones we've see before, but to me, it seems the manner in which these issues are handled is far different, and thus divisive in the community.

Change in Moffat County must happen.

Residents here are no different than the rest of the country in that they want what is best for themselves, their children and their neighbor, not necessarily in that order, but in general.

Today, after reviewing Tuesday's results and concluding that nearly half of the Republican voters are not supportive of the current commission, I believe there is unrest in our community.

As there should be. These are difficult, stressful times for many, and we're all doing our best to keep pace.

I believe the only thing that can remedy this unrest is leadership, and I am hopeful that Danner and Mathers, and even Gray, recognize as much and can be the leaders that bring us together for common good.

I'm skeptical of their ability to do this, but hopeful.

Judging by Tuesday's final tallies, it seems many others are as well.

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