Pressley earns All-Conference honors |

Pressley earns All-Conference honors

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Setting your sights on state seems reasonable when you’re named to the All-Conference team.
But junior Evan Pressley knows that there are no guarantees. Pressley, who shot the steadiest game for the Bulldogs during the season, earned All-Conference honorable Mention honors.
With an average score in the low-70s, that occasionally dipped into the high-60s, Pressley was an early favorite among teammates and coaches to make the state tournament in October.
Instead, at regionals he missed being part of a four-person shootout for the last qualifying spot at state.
Despite his disappointment, the junior did earn an All-Conference honorable mention.
“I still regret not making state this year, but being named All-Conference is big,” Presley said.
All-Conference is a loose union new to the Western Slope Conference(WSC). Additonal teams that do not play in the WSC are also eligible for these honors.
Because there is no one conference that any team plays is, the coaches of the different WSC schools decided to form a unique version of All-Conference so that their athletes could still be recognized.
“Really there is no conference that we play in, but we wanted a way to be able to honor the better golfers on the Western Slope,” coach Ken Harjes said. “The All-Conference is more like an All-Western Slope.”
All-Conference is decided by stroke average and is split into increments of five. The five individuals with the best stroke average are named to the first team, the next five best to second team, and honorable mention.
Pressley ended the season with the 12th best stroke average on the Western Slope, and one that made him his team’s top swinger.
The day where Pressley game was the most noticeable was at the Moffat County Invitational, where he blew the field away with a round of 68.
“I think that was the second best round of golf shot on the Western Slope this season,” Harjes said. “The only one who may have had a better game was Luke Antonelli from Rifle.”
Antonelli finished in third place at the Class 4A state tournament in Elizabeth.
The home course round of 68 goes down as this season’s most memorable match for Pressley, but the junior doesn’t plan to stop there. He felt that one tournament win wasn’t enough, and looks to win two next year.
“I think it’s what I need to aim for if I want to be successful,” Pressley said. “It’s something I think I can do I did win one tournament this season.”
While Pressley and his coach are pleased with his game, they both see areas he needs to improve upon.
But, according to Harjes, there’s no one more likely to put the work into out-doing this season’s accomplishment than Pressley.
Harjes considers Pressley to be one of the Bulldogs’ hardest workers, and one who is focused on his game.
“There’s not a day in season you won’t go out and see Evan on the course, and not just playing a round,” Harjes said. “He’ll put his work in on the putting green, and the driving range he’s been doing it since he was young and he’ll keep doing it, I’m sure.”

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