Presents high on childrens’ wish lists |

Presents high on childrens’ wish lists

Parents beware: Local children expected to check stockings twice on Tuesday

Daily Press writer
Many people identify Christmas as a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and celebrating family, music, good tidings and traditions.
But for a group of first- and second-graders, Christmas primarily means one thing presents.
At least that was almost the unanimous consensus of students at Ridgeview Elementary, when asked what about their favorite part of Christmas.
Every student had already sent a list off to Santa Claus, and knew what the number-one item was on their list.
Despite their overwhelming anticipation of opening their Christmas gifts, the children did have additional things on their minds going into the holidays.
Paul Laliberte, a first-grader, said his grandma is coming to visit from Grand Junction.
“I’m excited to see her,” he said.
Lexi Brackett, a first-grader, is expecting a baby doll for Christmas, and said her family usually takes a trip for the holidays, but she wasn’t sure where they were taking a trip to this year.
Whether she’ll get her baby doll won’t be known until Christmas day, but someone else in Lexi’s family will be happy.
“I bought daddy golfing stuff,” she said. “I got him a golfing thing that spits the ball back out.”
Breanna Miskin, a first-grader, said the rule in her family is one gift can be opened on Christmas Eve, and the rest Christmas morning, at which time she hopes to get a new bike.
Breanna already bought one important present for a family member, her two-year-old brother.
“I got my brother a toy motorcycle, but he doesn’t know what’s going on yet,” she said. “All he sees is the Christmas tree.”
Riley Johnston, a first-grader, has a birthday on Christmas.
“I get twice as many presents,” she said. “We open some presents in the morning and some in the afternoon. I like having my birthday on Christmas.”
Riley said her and her mom make “little Jello things” for Christmas.
Jesse Henderson, a second-grader, said he wants a snowboard, but doesn’t think he will get one.
Kaitie Hutton, a second-grader, wants a pair of “rollin’ runners” for Christmas.
“They’re sneakers that turn into roller-blades,” she said. “I think I’ll probably get them.”
Claire Hamilton, a second-grader, was the one exception out of all the students interviewed who said opening presents is not her favorite part of Christmas, although she does enjoy getting and giving them.
“My favorite part of Christmas is when my family reads the bible before we open presents,” she said.
Claire has all of her shopping taken care of, although she couldn’t list any of the presents she is giving away.
“I don’t know but my mom does. She bought them,” she said.

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