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Potter: Don’t believe the slander

To the editor:

Tuesday's mail included two ads against Scott Tipton that were full of lies.

The ad said Scott wants to "add to our crushing tax burden by adding a new 23 percent national sales tax to the cost of everything we buy."

The truth is that this proposed tax is not "added" — it is to replace the income tax — a much fairer way than the present inconsistent and convoluted system, which takes thousands of pages to explain.

The ad said Scott "voted against measures to balance Colorado's budget three times, and against creating a rainy day fund to protect Colorado's tax payers."

He did not. He wants a balanced budget, and he wants to create a rainy day fund.

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The ad said he "pushed a plan that would have drastically underfunded the military."

The truth is that Scott wants to decrease all government programs by 10 percent, except for the military.

It sounds like the Democrats are so desperate to get John Salazar back to Washington, D.C., that they are willing to resort to outright lies to do it.

Is that the kind of people you want in Washington? We have enough trouble trusting them already.

Rosemary Potter

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