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Possible scam attempt prompts woman to consult Craig Police

Scott Schlaufman

A possible scam attempt Wednesday morning left Craig resident Donna Stewart nervous for her safety and that of others in the community.

As she was getting ready for work, Stewart said she received a call telling her she had won $900,000 and two men would be bringing a check to her home.

Stewart said she normally hangs up on suspicious calls and ignores them, but the fear of having people show up at her home prompted her to call the Craig Police Department.

"The main thing that worried me was that I was supposed to stay home because two men were coming by to bring me a check," Stewart said. "If there were some older people that really bought into this and (the people with the check) are thugs or something, they could really get hurt."

Police Sgt. John Forgay said there is no danger and the number that called Stewart was traced back to Jamaica.

"No one's going to be in town and no one's going to come by her house," Forgay said. "If they were to continue it, they'd give her an excuse why they couldn't make it and ask to wire her the money."

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The police department issued a news release last week warning the public about potential scams.

Forgay said many scammers cannot be prosecuted because they are based outside of local jurisdiction.

"About the best we can do if it's out of state is to look at getting the people to make a complaint with the attorney general's office of that state," Forgay said.

Forgay said the police department doesn't hear about every scam call in the area, but he believes the number is steady compared to recent years.

"I can't say it's over the top," he said. "It's just that new ones come into being after awhile."

Forgay said if a resident is unsure of a business operation, he or she should call the police before sending any money. He said if something seems too good to be true, it likely is.

"If it's legitimate, we'll tell them to go ahead, but if (residents are) getting unsolicited phone calls and mail, stuff they didn't ask for … you can bet that it's a scam," Forgay said.

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