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Police warn residents, businesses of counterfeit money scam

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

The Craig Police Department issued a statement Tuesday warning local businesses and residents about an influx of counterfeit $10 bills circulating in the area.

The phony bills are computer copies of legal currency and may be mistaken as authentic if not checked by vendors and employees, according to a department press release.

Craig Police also listed several tips for detecting the counterfeit bills:

• The actual feel of the phony bills is noticeably different, having a stock paper feel and not the fabric-paper mix used in real currency.

• The counterfeit bills are slightly smaller in size than legal currency.

• The color on the counterfeit bills is dull and the images are fuzzy. The printing on real currency is distinct and sharp.

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• The phony bills do not have the watermark found on the right side of legal currency. The mark — which is an image of the same photo depicted on the bill — can be found by holding the bill up to the light.

• Legal $10 bills have a "10" printed with color-shifting ink on their lower right corners. The ink changes from gold to a darker color when viewed from different angles.

• Legitimate bills have a security thread running from top to bottom that also can be detected by holding them up to the light. The security thread cannot be reproduced by a copier.

Police also recommend business owners and employees take a little extra time to examine any currency given to them to avoid being passed any counterfeit bills.

"Removing the opportunity is the best deterrent," according to the press release.

Anyone with questions or concerns regarding the counterfeit money scam is encouraged to call the Craig Police Department at 824-2360.

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