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Police blotter for May 14

Moffat County Jail

Thursday, May 12

Randy James Carr, 21, was booked into the Moffat County Jail on a warrant.

Craig Police Department

Thursday, May 12

Officers are investigating sexual assault of a child by an older sibling.

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Wednesday, May 11

Officers investigated a motor home break-in and the theft of leather jackets.

Officers received a report of theft of 4-wheeler parts.

Officers found 2-year old playing naked and unattended in the street.

Officers received a report of theft of services.

Officers assisted with a meeting for an individual with crisis and mental health workers.

Moffat County Sheriff

Thursday, May 12

Deputies are investigating the removal of 156 gallons of gas from a county road and bridge shop at Hamilton.

Deputies received a complaint concerning phone harassment.

Deputies found a bike at Loudy-Simpson Park.

Wednesday, May 11

Deputies made an arrest on third degree harassment charges.

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