Peyton Jacobson: Rest in peace, Mr. Smith |

Peyton Jacobson: Rest in peace, Mr. Smith

To the editor:

The passing of Craig Smith on Sunday affected many people, including me.

As the band teacher at Craig Middle School, Mr. Smith has made not just an impact, but an imprint on many teenagers' lives. He was an amazing man, who taught in Oklahoma and Colorado.

Mr. Smith has taught band for a long time now, and willingly put up with many different sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders without any complaint, except for the lack of funds by the school district to the band program, and the occasional lack of practice at home by me and my fellow students.

He always had some way to find even the most serious things a joke or funny.

One time, someone stole money from the class. Instead of being concerned about who did it, Mr. Smith was hoping it was enough to collect a reward more than what was stolen by the thief. They did catch the culprit, but it wasn't enough money to collect a reward.

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While Mr. Smith is up in heaven probably conducting an orchestra, consisting of Hayden, Bach and Mozart, we down on earth are mourning his death. If Mr. Smith were here today, he would want the band students to stay in the band program for him.

Band will never be the same without you, Mr. Smith.

Have fun in heaven, we'll always remember you as a band teacher, mentor, and a friend.

Rest in peace, Mr. Smith.

Peyton Jacobson

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