Patrick Wayne Germond: Vote on principles |

Patrick Wayne Germond: Vote on principles

To the editor:

I would like to welcome candidates and citizens alike to this year's election cycle on behalf of your local Tea Party, Bears Ears Patriots, formerly known as the Northwest Colorado Tea Party Patriots.

Things cooled off this winter, and many took a pause, but the Tea Party cause is heating up again. Thanks to Matt Winey our new Web site is up and running, http://www.bearsears

There's a blog that we can all participate in, share ideas, and make plans.

The Bears Ears Patriots aren't interested in becoming a third party. We are not after power; we believe the people already have the power. We will stand separate as a representative of the independents and forgotten voters.

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We will watch and hold both parties accountable. We may support a politician one year, and actively campaign to defeat them the next; they are not our religious leaders. We also reserve the right to have them recalled. Evasive and noncommittal applicants need not apply.

We stand for limited government, term limits, low taxes, virtue and honesty.

Anyone can join in. We don't ask about religion or party affiliation. We ask only for positive input, no hate speech or racism allowed. We believe in ballots, not bullets.

We urge people to vote their principles always, even if it means they don't vote in one particular race because of poor candidates.

We believe people and their leaders acting in principled and virtuous ways is the ultimate in political philosophies. Those acting opposite of this are guaranteed failure.

If anyone doubts this, ask the leaders in power in Washington, D.C. They've lost Massachusetts, and the majority of the American people.

Leaders with all the power are being stopped by common, enlightened people demanding honesty and honor.

With that in mind, Carol Haskins has organized a Tea Party event at 6 p.m. today at Serendipity on Yampa Avenue. Bears Ears Patriots support her, and would like to invite anyone who is interested in the Tea Party movement to attend her event.

Patrick Wayne Germond

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