Patrick Wayne Germond: Tea Party amazing |

Patrick Wayne Germond: Tea Party amazing

To the editor:

Last Wednesday's Tea Party at Serendipity was amazing. The strength and power of the patriotism and spirit of freedom was incredible.

Three candidates for Moffat County Commission attended the meeting. Deep concern for fiscal responsibility by Tony St. John was at the forefront of his thoughts, which were made clear by his comments. Tammy Barnes' passion and understanding of the Constitution and her desire to preserve and restore it to its original state was very impressive.

Frank Moe offered his printing resources if any may be needed, and with a sincere grace that caused hearts to swell, pleaded for everyone to go to their caucuses.

None of the candidates argued in any way with one another, rather their statements and attitudes were one of supporting and furthering the cause of the people of Moffat County and this country.

We, the people of Craig, now have a responsibility of our own. We need to fill our caucus meeting places to overflowing. We must quit hoping for change and start making the changes ourselves.

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You can call the county clerk's office to find out which building your precinct is meeting in. It is at 7 p.m. today. This is where delegates will be nominated to go to the county assembly.

At the assembly April 10, the strongest candidates will be chosen for the ballots. If there is any way you can make it, please do.

It may be a bit confusing for first timers, but the next time, it will be easier. This is the opportunity for people to find or grow into the next generation of leaders. This is where it all begins.

Patrick Wayne Germond

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