Patrick Wayne Germond: Fast and Furious explanation has holes |

Patrick Wayne Germond: Fast and Furious explanation has holes

Patrick Wayne Germond

Mendacity, meaning to purposely mislead people, is the perfect word to describe the Fast & Furious gun running scandal.

As it stands now, the federal government isn't going to answer any more questions concerning the matter until an Inspector General report comes out in three months.

We know the F&F program allowed the purchase of more than 2,000 guns — mostly battle rifles — by straw buyers here in the U.S.

Many of these guns are now in the hands of this continent's most deadly criminals — the Mexican drug cartels.

In hundreds of cases, the straw buyers couldn't afford the guns, so the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms used taxpayer money to buy the guns for criminal insurgents.

Department of Justice head Eric Holder claims he planned to track the weapons back to cartel leaders and members.

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How exactly was that going to happen?

There weren't GPS trackers in the gunstocks, so maybe the DOJ was going to use bloodhounds and/or Ouija boards to track the weapons.

It doesn't make sense.

No one can quite figure out or explain how our government planned to pull off that gotcha moment in Mexico.

If the government can't track and stop drugs in the U.S., how would they track these weapons in Mexico?

These guns are going to cause mass casualties. They will be used to massacre helpless people, right on the U.S. boarder.

So why do it? Better yet, what was the logic behind it? Those are the million dollar unanswered questions.

I ask everyone to remember a couple of years ago, when Mexico was screaming about all the U.S. guns coming across the border.

Hillary Clinton and Holder said it was time to bring back the ban on assault weapons.

The Mexican government and "We the People" didn't know anything about F&F, and it was our own government all along giving military aid to the cartels.

It was they who broke the law and put guns in the hands of criminals, not us.

They are responsible for this slaughter, not lawful American gun owners.

To keep our leaders from becoming despots and tyrants, we need to fully investigate and punish those responsible, or else our leaders and our country will become corrupt and evil.

Bad things happen in good countries.

What makes the U.S. different from evil empires is that we deal with corruption and punish those responsible.

Many powerful, state-controlled societies have used neighboring countries and their blood to gain and/or keep control of their own country and citizens.

I do not see our leaders as fitting into these molds. However, some of the actions and consequences of our leaders mirror those of evil regimes.

We need to deal with this matter in a strong and forceful way.

I don't want to believe this was done to destabilize Mexico, as some have suggested, or as a plot to kill gun rights here in the U.S.

However, the facts so far are ruling out any good explanations, and unfortunately in real life we may never know because those who commit evil or incompetent acts rarely monolog about why they did them.

Instead, they just tell us they planned to track the weapons and hope we all buy it.

Patrick Wayne Germond is a Craig resident and can be reached at

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