Patricia McCaffrey: A ‘poor decision’ |

Patricia McCaffrey: A ‘poor decision’

To the editor:

I am very disappointed in the Commissioners poor decision to remove two members of the MCTA Board.

I needed some time to pass between the event and my letter to the editor. I did not want to send a letter from anger and frustration at their absurdity.

Two of our elected officials forget that we, the citizens of Moffat County are their BOSSES. In addition, they forget our expectations of them, which include making decisions for the good of the county. They continue to have their own personal agendas.

I was unable to attend that particular Commissioners' meeting, but I am asking the County for a copy of the recording of the meeting, so I can hear it myself.

It appeared that two of the Commissioners had previously made up their mind to remove Bryce Jacobson and Leona Hemmerich from the NCTA Board. If the Commissioners had listened to the comments from the audience, perhaps they would have made a more intelligent and rational decision. Of course, that would take Leaders (Commissioners) willing to admit there might be room for compromise through negotiation, and cooperation.

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Nope, that would take a mature attitude. Moreover, I doubt that MCTA had been asked about the removal of Board members.

In a workplace, anytime your Boss asks you to do something that is illegal, unsafe, or unethical, you can always refuse.

The Commissioners are not the employer of the MCTA Board members. The MCTA Board is 100 percent volunteer labor.

Therefore, the Commissioners should allow them to operate without being micromanaged.

Why would you fire (remove) a volunteer who is not doing anything illegal, unsafe, or unethical?

The Board Members are working for the good of tourism in Moffat County through the Lodging Tax revenues. These are volunteers working diligently to assure the Lodging Taxpayer dollars are used within MCTA's financial guidelines.

There was no ambiguity on the board, it was working very well and meeting goals under the leadership of Bryce Jacobson and Leona Hemmerich. The Board is vociferous, outspoken, with free thinkers who take their responsibilities seriously.

Applications for MCTA funds are evaluated and reviewed prior to approval. Any MCTA member, with a possible direct or indirect conflict of interest, mandated to leave the room before any discussion or a vote ensues.

Our employees, Tom Mathers and Tom Gray, apparently did not allow any alternatives, the first being to allow the MCTA meet their prime objective of bringing in more visitors to the County.

Our employees, need to review their job descriptions, and perhaps we, their BOSSES, need to review what disciplinary actions we need to take bring their performance into a satisfactory position.

Maybe, we need put a letter in their personnel file, suspension without pay, demotion to regular citizen, or perhaps for one, a more demonstrative action through other voter avenues (Recall).

Patricia McCaffrey

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