Patricia Jones: Guiding principles |

Patricia Jones: Guiding principles

Core values. Many organizations have them.

You can see them posted on office walls or in brochures of businesses. Love INC has a set of core values.

If you have never seen them, you may wonder what they are. Core values can be simply defined as an organization's sense of character and integrity.

They are the principles that guide the plans and actions of that organization. They give a way to explain what the organization is and what it stands for.

No matter what growth or change an organization may go though, its basic identity and set of internal beliefs will stay constant.

Love INC has adopted set of 10 basic core values that are derived from Jesus Christ's life.

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Each core value has a solid, biblical foundation that, when put into practice, can be life transforming.

When each of us purposefully meditate on and learn to practice these core values daily in our work and in our private lives, we can begin a spiritual journey to transform our own lives as we honor God so intentionally.

Love INC encourages each board member, director, staff member and volunteer to study and adopt the core values so each can embark on their own journey toward transformed hearts and minds.

As we travel on the road of this life-long journey, we can reach out with a more perfect Christ-like love to our neighbors and fellow travelers.

Love INC's first core value is a primary one that every Christian should be able to identify with: "We are Christian. Everything we think, say, and do is in the name of Christ."

In a booklet authored by John Weborg, a professor emeritus of theology at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, it is explained that being Christian means that we carry Jesus Christ's identity marker.

When we act in his name, as "Christians" we are claiming that our actions are subject to his purpose, authority and identity and are a continuation of the words and works of his ministry.

If everything we as Christians think, say, and do is to be in the name of Christ, we need to be sure what we are doing is worthy of him.

Christian core values should be a set of extremely vital, non-negotiable, guiding values that can keep us as Christians true to our purpose and remind us why we want to act the way we want to act.

They can help us stay true to our calling, guide our relationships, and direct our decision making processes every day.

Core values aren't just for hospitals, agencies and businesses; they can be key tools for every Christian brother and sister who strives for a stronger relationship to the Father and to know his heart for ministry.

Patricia Jones is the director of Love INC of the Yampa Valley.

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