Parents thankful to community |

Parents thankful to community

Travis and Kelly Goodwin

To the Editor;

This letter goes out with an overwhelming amount of emotion and gratitude. We would like to say thank you to all of those people who have reached out to our daughter and us during the mending of her broken heart.

Our list of thanks could go on forever. This is just a small attempt to say how very much we appreciate all the help, hope, donations, prayers and love that we have received.

Thanks to the Veterans of Foreign War (both men and women’s auxiliary) Virginia and Shorty Cromer, Community Budget Center (Vicki Warren), Sundrop Custom Framing (Pam Young), Craig Lions Club, Craig Rotary Club, AT&T Broadband (all the ladies in the office), United Way, Church of Christ, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Tri State employees, Moffat County employees, Brian and Lynn Herring, Budd and Tammy Grinstead, Timothy and J’Lea Driver, Janiene Campbell, Janet Berber, Angela Gross, Lynette Runnings, Cindy Biskup, Jerry and Deb Vaborsky, Dr. Lisa Harner, Dr. David Miller and our many family members. To these people, as well as many others we are eternally grateful.

We would also like to take this opportunity to update the wonderful people who have been a part of Jordan’s recovery.

As winter becomes spring, our infant becomes a toddler. Jordan is growing like a wildflower. She continues to develop at an astonishing pace, is very bright, observant and active. She loves playing games with her brother, having her grandma read her books and being with her family. Jordan is our angel baby, our gift from God. We thank all those who continue to help her live the life she was sent her to fulfill.

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Travis and Kelly Goodwin

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