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Our View: Our veterans, our honor

Today is Veterans Day, a time in which Americans everywhere should do their part to thank someone who has been, or is currently, a participant in the U.S. Armed Forces for their sacrifice and dedication to our country.

The strong pro-veteran sentiment in our country today is a vast improvement from the Vietnam-era, a difficult time for many, particularly veterans whose service to country was overlooked and disrespected in a swell of anti-war upheaval.

Thankfully, the United States is not like that today.

For many, it doesn't matter whether they agree with the policy behind American military efforts in the Middle East; support for the troops is politically removed and almost a given, as it should be.

The Editorial Board takes immense pride in America's fighting men and women, especially those from our own community who bravely stand in the way of danger and sacrifice their own comfort and way of life for that of the people back home.

Board members also are impressed with how our own community responds to its veterans.

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There are local events that take place routinely and are designed to honor veterans; there are school events, such as today's at Moffat County High School, that are tailored to educating students on veterans; and recently, there is the recognition that local veterans groups have undertaken to honor active soldiers upon their return home.

Not every town can boast of the great lengths it goes to recognize its veterans like Moffat County can. And, the Editorial Board believes, more can always be done.

Namely, the board believes services for veterans can be bolstered in the U.S. — services such as education and health care, in particular, for those coming home.

Inevitably, improved services means higher taxes to fund them. Board members aren't fans of higher taxes, but in this case, the additional costs would be well worth it.

Board members can't recall a time when a proposal was put before the American people asking them to fund better veterans' services.

But if there ever was such a proposal, each Editorial Board member would be in favor of it.

We're willing to bet most other grateful Americans, people protected by the bravery of our soldiers often in a hostile land far from home, would be, too.

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