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Our View: Optimistic for ’10 fiscal recovery

Perhaps more than war, health care, Social Security or a myriad of other problems dominating the American consciousness today lies the current, and some consider barren, landscape of the economy.

It has become the most pressing concern for most everyday people, and it's not hard to understand why.

An unhealthy economy means uncertain job security, higher unemployment numbers, and less money overall spreading through society. It means hesitation and a dark fear that we may be at the outset of the second Great Depression.

But, at the sunset of a new year, it doesn't hurt to be optimistic that perhaps our economy — both locally and nationally — is somehow jolted from its slumber this year, ensuring better times ahead for those willing to work for it.

At its meeting this week, Editorial Board members expressed hope for many things in the coming year for our community and our country, and economic recovery was at the top of the list.

One of most gnawing, stomach-churning feelings is that of uncertainty when it comes to money, and not having enough to get by.

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For those out there looking for jobs but struggling to find them in this difficult financial climate, the board's hope is that you stay positive and keep looking until something comes up. Or, if the search is going badly, that you're being proactive and learning a new skill set that will make you more marketable in a changing job market.

The board's hope is that our economy shakes loose enough that our community and country's overall unemployment plummets and that those needing a job with a livable salary to provide for their families are able to find it.

The board also expressed hope for our natural resources industry. Specifically, that it stabilizes and that the many residents we have here counting on that industry for jobs and benefits aren't the victims of cutbacks because of slowdowns.

Another hope for the board is that our community begins to diversify its economy. That enough emphasis will be put on recruiting and/or attracting other industries to Craig and Moffat County that will provide jobs, and perhaps ease our reliance a bit on the energy industry.

These are, of course, simply hopes and wishes for the future, and probably not unlike those many people have.

We'll have to wait and see, like everyone else, whether the economic troubles persist this year, but for now we'll lean on our optimism and ask community members do the same.

From the Editorial Board to everyone out there, we wish you a happy and successful new year, and hope that you and your families have a bountiful 2010.

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