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Our View: In appreciation of youths

— Children sometimes get a bad rap by adults, and unfairly so.

Too often, an older generation sits back and bemoans and derides the declining morals, values and behavior of generations that come after it.

This loose talk by adults, when unwarranted, can give our community's youths the perception that they're not only unappreciated, but can also serve as a detriment to youths' long-term self worth, perhaps stifling their potential.

During its conversation this week, the Editorial Board discussed the youths of Craig and Moffat County and came away from that conversation wanting to impart important messages:

• That kids in our community are great kids.

• That they are capable of great things.

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• That they are appreciated, and that any youth who doesn't feel this way needs to have more adults reminding them of such.

Certainly, our youths — like our adults — are not perfect.

They make mistakes, and given their ages, they're bound to do head-scratching things that befuddle common sense and reason.

Still, despite the circumstances, it's never appropriate to give up on a child. All it takes is one spark to light the fuse, and it's anyone's guess when or how that can happen.

Which is why all community members need to take an interest.

A phrase heard at Monday's meeting among board members was, "It takes a village to raise a child," a perhaps not-so-original expression that nonetheless holds absolute truth.

What the Editorial Board is asking is for adults — parents, teachers, mentors, etc. — to be more positive and more engaged with youths.

In today's break-neck pace of society, carving out the time to do so can be difficult.

However, if you don't have the time, make it.

Somehow, someway, find time to engage and encourage our children because down the road, the Editorial Board is betting, that involvement will pay dividends.

This isn't the board's way of telling community residents how to raise their children.

It is simply a reminder that kids watch the adults in their lives, meaning what adults say and do matters.

If we encourage them now, chances are that same positive treatment will trickle down the line to later generations.

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