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Our View: Help for the holidays

Alcoholism has jokingly been referred to as a three-step disease — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

However, there's truth behind the humor, enough to lead the Editorial Board to believe the next several weeks could be particularly difficult for some people who find the holidays a difficult time of year.

Plenty of research and studies have been done to tell us that the holidays, for some, cannot only cause stress but also heighten depression, a sense of isolation, and fuel bouts of substance abuse and domestic violence.

For some people, the Editorial Board is reminded, the holidays are the complete opposite of what they should be — a joyous time of year with friends and family.

But on the eve of Thanks­giving, it's the opinion of board members that the holidays don't have to be hard for people in pain. They can be, as they should be, a wonderful time of the year.

For those who are alone on the holidays, perhaps it's best to remember things to be thankful for, things that you do have, rather than what or who is missing from your life.

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There are also opportunities to be around other people, like visiting friends or attending church services, or simply picking up the phone and calling a friend or relative.

For those feeling a tremendous amount of stress, maybe it's better to just relax and enjoy the holidays instead of blitzing through them and trying to get a multitude of things done.

Don't confuse this message, however.

The Editorial Board recognizes that some people have legitimate reasons to be saddened or despondent on the holidays, and for them, we certainly advise reaching out to someone who can help rather than doing something rash, harmful or self-destructive.

But for those who are merely blue on the holidays, the board asks them to remember the true meanings behind the holidays and that it should be a good time, even if it means being happy for others.

The Editorial Board would like to wish the Craig and Moffat County community a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the day and be grateful. After all, that above all else, is what it's meant for.

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