Letters to the editor


Melton & Elaine Sullivan, Joe Herod, Kelsey & Trini Loya, Gail Sererson, Neil & Jill McCandless: Vote for Ponikar

Please, join us in supporting John Ponikvar for Craig City Council.

Greg Ellgen: I support Kent Nielson

I am writing this letter in support of Kent Nielson, candidate for city council.

Dee Johnson and family: Thanks for your support

I’d like to thank the whole community for coming to Bob’s reception and all of the support, flowers and cards that have been given to us.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you for your help

To the editor: The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank the Craig Chamber of Commerce, Edward Jones and Northwest Storage for their help and support.

Christina Oxley: Amusing letter

I read with amused interest the letter to the editor from Craig Marshall Smith that ran in the March 4 Craig Daily Press.

Bud and Penny Nelson: Thanks fire department

We would like to thank the fire department for the fast response to the fire at our apartment complex, the dispatchers for handling the 911 call so proficiently, the entire response team, ambulance crew and Craig Police Department.

Donna Gill: Teen awareness

February is nationally recognized as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. We are saying a huge thank you to the county commissioners and the mayor, along with the city councilman for proclaiming it so on a local level as well.

Moffat County Cancer Society Board Of Directors: Thank you

The Moffat County Cancer Society wants to sincerely thank all the Moffat County High School dedicated basketball fans who contributed to us during the boys and girls basketball games when they played Roaring Fork this Valentine’s Day here in Craig!

The Kenneth Conrad Hazelbaker family:

Thank you so much to everyone who provided support and compassion after Conrad (Conch) passed away so suddenly.

Craig Marshall Smith: I am Craig

Editor’s note: This column was sent to Craig Mayor Terry Carwile from Craig Marshall Smith in Douglas County. Carwile gave it to Daily Press Managing Editor Noelle Leavitt Riley for publication. Both Carwile and Leavitt Riley found it amusing and interesting to see what outsiders think of Craig.

Eagle’s Nest Preschool Staff: Thank you

We would like to thank Melanie Franklin along with her two capable assistants, Samantha and Amanda Franklin, for their dental presentation at our preschool.

Cherie Blomquist: A slap in the face to local teachers

With all of the budget talks going on with Moffat County School District and all the rumors mulling around, I was wondering how a "broke" district can send its principals to a hiring fair out of state for three days?

Duane Koukol: A poem: ‘Go Yee Dogs’

Onward, dogs of battle.

Dick Prosence
: Climate change farce

In his State of the Union address earlier this month, President Obama stated, “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.”

F. Neil Folks: Cutting the ‘fat’

Perceptions can be devious. They all depend on from which viewpoint one is standing on viewing the world. Each of us will read the budget or listen to the presenters of the budget from our own perspective, from our basis of experience.