Letters to the editor


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Jamie Daszkiewicz: Upset with school board

I could say it was bound to happen given the social and political climate we live in. I just wish it would not have been something that will affect my children so immensely in a negative fashion.

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Lisa Brown: Hospice Daffodils a huge success

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Hospice Daffodils fundraiser. We are grateful to the 60 volunteers in Routt and Moffat counties who gave their time (more than 200 hours) to help with this event.

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Craig Rotary Club: Support flags in Craig

The Rotary Club of Craig is again inviting groups, organizations and individuals to sponsor American flags that will be placed downtown and along Victory way several times in 2016. Sponsorship is $75 per year per flag and all sponsors will be thanked and acknowledged publically.

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Sandy Orgoglioso: Ann Frank play excellence

I am sorry that this letter will be submitted two weeks after the performance of the Diary of Anne Frank performed by the High School Drama Club, but the gratitude remains the same. The community is so pleased and encouraged by their recent performance. Their work was a masterpiece of talent and focus; New York or Denver could not match!

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Mike Wilson: Thanks for Dart story

Just a note to say “thanks” for publishing the articles about Craig/Moffat County’s past. Also a special thanks to Dan Davidson and his staff for compiling all these articles.

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Neil Folks: Mill levy is worth it

This article is my summation regarding the school board’s outlook on the Moffat County School District Budget work. Continued budget reductions (or cuts) only results in limited results in educating our children for the 21st Century.

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Neil Folks: Give support

I have been a regular attendee at most of the Moffat County School District’s Board meetings the past three years. I’ve watched and experienced the changes that are slowly taking place in our school system. Granted, CHANGE is not easy.

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Lance Scranton: Responding to criticism

My name is Lance Scranton, and I have raised my family in Craig and plan to be here for a long time because I love Northwest Colorado. I was so glad to hear from two of my colleagues who are passionate and dedicated professionals.

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Karen Chaney and Kristin O’Connor: Scranton is wrong

As members of the high school’s Leadership Team and district’s Problem-Solving and Negotiations Team, we are writing to express our disappointment with Lance Scranton’s misleading attack on our school district, our stakeholder budget meetings and our fellow teachers in his March 1 column.

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Allen Hischke: CPW tournament is bad

I wanted to take the time to warn all the fisherman in this area about the CPW's tournament at Elkhead this spring.

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Lois Stoffle: TMH made a good decision

Why was the good news, that The Memorial Hospital Board was cancelling (not renewing) the hospital management company, not on the front page of the paper Saturday? It was “hidden” in the middle section with Health news.

Cory Overton: Raising prices is wrong

I would like to know what justifies the county to raise the fees for the softball fields?

Grant Rakowski: A letter of apology

I am deeply sorry for vandalizing your town. I did not mean it as a personal attack on any of Craig’s citizens, or the town itself.

Ben and Loleta Waters: Much thanks

We would like to thank all of our family and friends for their concern, cards and phone calls to Ben while he was away. It was greatly appreciated. Ben is now home in Craig.

Matt Winey: Our election cycle

Thank you Lance Scranton for your piece on Battle Fatigue and our upcoming elections. There definitely is some battle fatigue but that is not the end of the story. If you look at the percentage of Americans of voting age who could vote in 2012, who did actually vote it was 57.5 percent. And this was a Presidential election year and that is usually a higher percentage than off years. This number was down from the two previous years, which were somewhere over 60 percent.