Letters to the editor


Bob Gill: Appoint Timberg

In response to the May 23 “Fire board” story: Why is the fire board of Craig going to spend money to “find an appointee?” There was an election just two weeks ago. Shouldn’t the only other person running for a seat be “appointed” to the now open seat? If the election was 90 days or longer past, I could see going through an appointment search. If Mr. Timberg received one vote shouldn’t he be appointed to the open seat?

Kathy J. Carlton: Helping out veterans

I receive correspondence from the Paralyzed Veterans of America on a regular basis. I try to send a donation whenever possible, but it isn’t as often as I would like. I also am an advocate for veterans and their rights and needs when the opportunity arises. That is why I started a group called the Knit-Wits. Craig is a small town, but we are big on community involvement.

Shirley Simpson: Loudy disappointment

I find it necessary to write and express my complete disappointment with the condition in which Loudy-Simpson Park was left Sunday.
I attended a birthday party at the park late Sunday afternoon for my nephew. Upon arriving at the park shortly after the previous party had left, I was appalled to find the condition of the picnic area.

Trish Snyder
: Thanks, Brothers

GOAL Academy would like to extend a sincere thank you to Brothers Custom Processing. Your generous donation of hamburger patties helped to make our end of the year celebration a success. 

Pat Jones
: Thank you Family Dollar

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) of the Yampa Valley wants to extend a sincere thank you to the Family Dollar Store in Craig and its staff for conducting a food drive for our Love INC food pantry.

Rosemary Potter: Common Core is rotten

“Education Standards Rotten to the Core” is how Anita Stapleton describes Common Core, the new federally mandated education system being forced on the school systems of the 50 sovereign states if they want federal money.

Diana Hornung, MD: Vaccinate your child

In 2012, nearly 3,000 kindergarteners started school in Colorado without protection from a vaccine-preventable disease. “Herd” immunity is lost when increasing numbers of children are not vaccinated.

The staff and residents at The Haven Assisted Living: Thanks Flower Mine

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Shirley at The Flower Mine. The Flower Mine has donated flowers to The Haven Assisted Living numerous times, especially around holidays, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and National Flower Arranging Day.

Laura Oatman
: Alternative medicine

It is shocking how much money America spends annually on health care. Even more shocking is the fact that even after all that money spent, we are still one of the top unhealthiest countries. Fortunately, though, light slowly is being shed on alternative medicine and treatments, and people are starting to realize the benefits of alternative treatments and make a switch from traditional medicines.

John Ponikvar: Who are CAVE people?

Recently, during and prior to the Craig Fire Board election, a fire board member had an electronic sign at his business reading, “Don’t vote for Timberg, he represents the Cave people of Craig. Citizens against virtually everything.” The sign caused me to wonder who those C.A.V.E. people might be?

Mike and Tracy Sheldon-Elzey: Thanks to the Knights

Many thanks to the wonderful Knights of Columbus from St. Michael Catholic Church! We were fortunate enough to win second place in their recent raffle, which was a processed pig from Brother’s Custom Meats.

Sheela Baker: Thank you TMH

A monumental shout out to the outstanding staff of The Memorial Hospital of Craig. I recently had to pay a visit there, and the care I received did not go unnoticed.

Duane Koukol: A poem: ‘Congrats’

10 o’clock in the mornin’. The twenty-eight of April. Cold wind did blow. Buts gots a hot tip you should know!

Colette Arnold: Easter was great

Sandrock Ridge Care & Rehab would like to thank everyone who made Easter great for our community. Thanks to Wal-Mart and Georgie Graves for their donations of Easter baskets. We also like to thank the girl scouts for stuffing Easter eggs and their donation of candy and eggs. Plus everyone who donated candy.

Evelyn Tileston: A note of thanks

This is a very difficult piece to write, not because there is no one to thank, but because “thank you” seems like such an inadequate way to express the deep and abiding gratitude I feel towards all those who are showing me and my family such sincere kindness and sympathy during the time of our grief over the death of Gordon.