Letters to the editor


January Zaledzieski: Ashamed of Craig

As a member of this community for more than 30 years, I have to say that I am saddened by the things that have been happening during the past couple of days.

Gregory A. Hamilton: District budget woes

While I do not consider myself an expert, I have audited and reviewed school district budgets around this state for more than 35 years as a certified public accountant.

Randy Looper: Sage grouse concerns

As owner of the Elk Run Inn, I am concerned about the fate of the Greater Sage Grouse, whose habitat includes sagebrush lands here in northwest Colorado and 10 other western states and two Canadian provinces.

Tanya Stoffle: Thanks, first responders

Recently there was a very significant motor vehicle accident that occurred along Highway 40 just east of the Maybell community. Maybell is a very small community with a very large area to cover for our 100 percent volunteer emergency services.

Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots: Bennet wrong about the Export-Import Bank

Most Americans probably have no idea what the Export-Import Bank even is, much less why it’s in the news right now. Yet it’s becoming the latest front in the fight to trim federal government.

Humane Society: Thank you

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank Northwest Storage, Clarion 
Inn and the Craig Daily Press for all their help and support.

Shannan Koucherik: Pearce’s great column

I usually enjoy Stephanie Pearce’s column, but this week’s entry really hit home. The dog she and her family visited was Kandu, who with his owner Ken Rogers, is part of a seasoned Heeling Friends therapy team working in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and other places where pets can bring peace and comfort to hurting people.

Phyllis Barainca: Offensive cartoon

What makes a power hungry, lying, cheating, money grubber like Hillary Clinton think she is qualified to be the president?

Robin Schiffbauer: Thank you

A thank you is certainly in order to Moffat County citizens for their ongoing support of St Michael’s Community Kitchen.

F. Neil Folks — The Wandering Elder: It’s time!

Yes, it’s time to let the outside world know who we are! We’re the West.

Bobbi Peed: Animal carcass concern

I read the article about the dumping of animal carcasses on CR 7, not once but several times to be sure I was understanding the content.

John Pogline: Coal mine confusion

Excuse my ignorance, but it has always been my understanding that our constitution guarantees a fair trial. So explain to me how Colowyo and Trapper Mine got a fair trial from a judge who is self-proclaimed environmentalist and one who stated in many news articles, each before the trial started, that he was going to rule against both mines.

Gilbert Stehle: Thanks YVMC

I would like to say thank you to the staff at Yampa Valley Medical Center for the care they gave me before and during and after my surgery.

Gail Severson: Great column Pearce

Stephanie Pearce’s article in Monday’s CRAIG Daily Press was right on, and I would like to thank her sincerely.

Kip Hafey,
 Dave Pressgrove,
 Lance Scranton and 
Todd Trapp: Track support thanks

Thanks so much to our community which has embraced track and field during the past many years. From our Youth Track events, helping with the Clint Wells Invitational, traveling to watch competitions and cheering on our athletes. Your help and support is genuinely appreciated.