Letters to the editor


Gary Cox: Amend the constitution

The Founding Fathers envisioned the federal government as an aide to the states to accomplish tasks for the general welfare: regulating commerce, collecting taxes, forming a defensive army, making laws that are necessary and proper, making treaties, coining and regulating money, controlling patents and copyrights, and insuring uniform laws for naturalization and bankruptcy.

Parker King: Let Craig grow

Craig won’t beat Steamboat. 
As a life-time resident and Moffat County Alumni, it is disappointing to see how Craig is losing our small-town vibe.

Carol Balleck: Pull New Belgium

I read the letter in the paper June 13 (sorry a little behind) regarding the liquor stores and bars for boycotting The New Belgium and Breckenridge Beer Co. and how ashamed she was of them. I am proud of all the bar and liquor stores for standing up for the mine and their workers.

John Ponikvar: TMH is amazing

This past week I unfortunately, no, fortunately had the opportunity to spend time with the staff and even administrators at The Memorial Hospital. While I was there I was amazed at the professionalism, capabilities, and abilities this facility brings to the community.

Allan Reishus, MD: TransWest line bad idea

At a time when everyone is trying to work together to create a plan that will protect sage grouse habitat, we have a large and very invasive project proposed, the TransWest power line through the heart of sage grouse habitat. That just doesn’t make sense.

Wes McStay: Sage grouse series great

Thank you for giving reporter Lauren Blair the time and resources to write the series of articles about the greater sage grouse. The story was fair, accurate, educational and respectful of all interests. The balanced reporting is a real asset to this community.

John Pogline: Response to Mr. James

As to the letter from Mr. James, everything he states in his letter is pure conjecture and more than likely inflated.

Calden Scranton: Be mindful of money

As a recent graduate, I am currently learning the road of the adult life. There are hard decisions to make and I’m realizing that there are things that are more important than others.

Adam Mercier: Jumping off bridges

Recently, I remember my cousin giving me a hard time about having a New Belgium beer company sticker on my car.

Louise Irvine: Gratitude for support

Perhaps you sent a lovely card or set upon a chair.

Lois Stoffle: Thank you!

It’s 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 24, 2015, and I just got home from taking a very relaxing river float trip.

Lois Stoffle: Whittle the Wood makes for a grand weekend

What a grand weekend at Loudy-Simpson Park!

Randy Sloan: What a great community

I just want to thank all our family, friends, neighbors, strangers and all the great people in this community that has given our family love and support in a difficult time.

Brad Golden: Not ashamed of Craig

As a new resident of Craig, but no stranger to small town living, I for one commend the Craig community for taking a stand against the supporters of an organization that, based on my research, is going after the Colowyo Mine simply because it is a manufacturer of coal, not because it is a threat to any natural resource in our area.

Paul James: Opportunity missed daily

I work as the manager of the Craig Apothecary, and have for almost four years. We remain a medical only dispensary, whereas both Craig and Moffat County have not allowed the retail sales, cultivation or manufacture of cannabis products.