Letters to the editor


John Williams: Political concerns

I am sure most will agree that Sen. Nancy Pelosi and Sen.Harry Reid are two of the largest stumbling blocks for action that we face in Congress.

Melissa Dowd
and Blaine Prieur: Thank you, Roy

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Roy McAnally and American Northwest Realty for helping us find and purchase a new home.

Marek Skupienski: Bad accident turned good

On Oct. 13, at 4:40 a.m., on U.S. Highway 40 a few miles east of Craig. All of a sudden, a collision. I am startled, though unharmed; the big, black bear is dead, lying in the middle of the road; my car is totaled. The police, the Colorado State Patrol and the DOW arrive shortly thereafter to confirm the obvious.

Lawrence L. Sober: Great documentary

On the evening of Oct. 16, the local tea party showed a recent documentary film about the situation on our southern border. This film was so up to date and informative that I would recommend local groups to make an effort to see it.

Laurence L. Sober: Political thoughts

Both Democrats and Republicans say that this country is broke. And we can no longer help our own citizens, veterans, seniors, orphans or homeless families. Yet we have an open border policy in this country.

Duzik, Shaffer, Wright and Norman: Honoring the 70th

Thanks to all our friends and family for honoring our parents on their 70th wedding anniversary by attending, giving cards and sending well wishes.

Gale and Lois Norman: 70th celebration success

We want to thank everyone who made our 70th wedding anniversary such a special day.

Paula Sadvar: Thank you

I would like to thank Vallarta’s for the wonderful fundraiser they hosted Thursday. They are wonderful people and do a lot for our community. Thank you all for coming out.

Paula Sadvar: Fundraiser for Pritchard

Paula Sadvar and Vallarta’s will be hosting a fundraising dinner for Jerry Pritchard from 5 to 7 p.m Thursday.

Susan Baird: Great group of teens

I was happy to see an article in the Oct. 15 edition highlighting a great group of Moffat County teens and their presentation of two portable breath-testing kits to the Craig Police Department at the last Craig City Council Meeting.

Duane Koukol: ‘Five-Ten P.M.’

The football game on mute. Sunday night, Pink Floyd, on KFMU radio. You missed your war, of football announcers?

Paula Sadvar: Support local cancer patient

Jerry Pritchard is battling cancer. He is a longtime resident and friend of Craig. An account has been set up at the Bank of the West in his name.

Joe Livingston: Clean water

The 42nd Anniversary of the Clean Water Act is a time for pause and celebration.
In the height of this crazy political season, it’s good to remember that clean, safe water is one of those rare apolitical issues.

John and Doris Zimmerman: Political sign stolen

Someone came onto our private property and stole our “Cory Gardener for U.S. Senate” sign. This sign was in our driveway at 855 County Rd. 30.

John Cannon-Petoskey: Craig Chamber is great

A Michigan resident had a good experience getting hunting information from the local chamber.