Letters to the editor


Tom and Beth Gilchrist: Craig's got talent

My wife and I just received a wonderful Valentine’s Day present — a singing valentine! 

The family of Florence Van Tassel: We appreciate the help

We wish to thank everyone who brought food, made a phone call, stopped by with a kind word, sent a card, donated monies in Mom’s name or came to her funeral service.

Lois Stoffle: Thanks Calvary Baptist

Those wonderful folks from the Calvary Baptist Church were at it again! At what, you ask? Well, they were at Sandrock Ridge Care & Rehab on Valentine’s Day, and they sure put on a party for the residents!

Mary Kay Kisseberth: Boost Social Security

It’s time for Congress to act so that Social Security benefits finally can start to keep pace with the cost of living. The average monthly benefit for Social Security retirees in Moffat County is $1,222.

Karen Brown: Downtown businesses value input

I would like to respond to a couple of letters written to the editor in the Feb. 12 edition of the Craig Daily Press.

Kent Ketchum: Love our firefighters

On Feb. 7, two members of the Craig Rural Fire Department came to our facility (Sandrock Ridge Care and Rehab) and did a fire extinguisher class for our staff.

Duane Koukol: My MC Bulldogs poem

Legions of the Blue and Gray! Back on the road today. With visions of glory. For a lifetime to stay!

Duce Vandivere: Loving small-town feel

Small-town people are wonderful. I’ve lived in Craig for almost two years, and everyone I’ve met has made me feel very welcome. When I first moved here, I had trouble finding some places so I would ask for directions.

Allen Hischke: Business woes in Craig

On Feb. 1, I attempted to do business with one of the downtown businesses. The sign on their door stated they would be open at 10 a.m. I got to the business a few minutes early, and was prepared to wait till 10 a.m.

Ray Owens: Sage grouse efforts in place

On Jan. 22, I had the good fortune to give a tour of the Bord Gulch Ranch, which I manage, to the most influential people out there when it comes to the future of sage grouse. I was honored to have the chance to share my “on-the-ground” conservation efforts.

Sandra Vecker and Alta Wisdom: Thanks for the help

Thank you, Tim Knez and his helper. We were on our way to the Veterinary Hospital in Steamboat Springs on the early morning of Jan. 16 with a very sick dog when our car broke down west of Milner. We were frantic, to say the least.

Kenneth Hall: Write to my mother

My mother, Stella Hall, was a schoolteacher in Craig for 40 years. As many are aware, she began having health issues several years ago, but with the help of many fine medical persons and caregivers, she improved to the point she could enjoy life.

Christina Oxley: Message skewed

Like the game “Telephone,” a message often becomes skewed as it travels from brain to mouth to print, which was the case during a Craig Community Assessment meeting.

Ann Anderson: Thanks to community

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank several businesses and individuals in our community.

Beth Hammond
: Rossfeld is a good guy

It was reported recently that John Rossfeld has been hired as the interim CEO of The Memorial Hospital at Craig. As an employee of the hospital where he served as interim CEO for 18 months (Newman Regional Health in Emporia, Kan.), I can say without a doubt that you are in good hands.