Letters to the editor


Steve Andrew: Thanks for the cards

Early this summer my daughter sent the paper a letter announcing my 75th birthday and requesting cards be sent from my friends and acquaintances. Man, did I hit the jackpot.

Benjie Robinson: A letter sent to council

As a concerned citizen of Craig, I am asking that ordinance No. 1030 be repealed. Although I believe the council passed this ordinance with the intent of protecting the city, in my opinion, it is quite damaging. I know the council wanted to wait and see how other towns and cities would be handling recreational marijuana and that probably was a wise move. Now the state is at the point where evidence has proven that a smart approach to the recreational marijuana industry is working.

Carolyn Casinger: Thank you

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank some of the individuals and businesses in Craig for their generous help and donations.

Karl Koehler: Get facts straight

Todd Tanner’s recent “Climate in the crosshairs” column was so packed with misinformation that it’s hard to decide where to begin to respond. I’ll start by agreeing that the debate about catastrophic climate change is dying.

John Pogline: Say no to pot

I have been reading a lot lately about how Craig and Moffat County would benefit from the cannabis industry. But has anyone looked at the sickness and death statistics that are related to alcohol and cigarettes?

Cole White: A different perspective

I wanted to take the time to provide a little different perspective on the recent events up at the high school surrounding the football team, the coaching staff and administration. I also wanted to take time to thank Kelly McCormick, the new Moffat County High School principal, and the football coaching staff for being very attentive and responsive to the concerns of parents and athletes.

The Artists of the Pop-up Gallery event: Thank you newspaper staff

Very often we find our preaching proves to be inconsistent with our actions, but fortunately that is not the case with the Craig Daily Press editor and staff. The artists of the Pop-Up Gallery, which was held this past weekend, are grateful to the support received from our local newspaper.

Liane Davis-Kling: Thank you school board

Thirty-three years is a drop in the bucket when it comes to history. However, in the case of the school district, it’s been interesting to watch the drop fall into the bucket. We’ve moved from ditto machines to copy machines. From chalkboards to SMART Boards. From open to closed to partial open campus during lunch at MCHS. I’ve participated in several different types of evaluation systems, all with their pros and cons.

Shaun Hadley: Craig losing pot money

This town slowly is dying. Safeway and Family Dollar are gone, and Kmart is next. We can’t even fill a room with enough people for a free conference on how to start and run businesses. Federal regulation on mining and power plants will soon cause even more recession. Jobs are near impossible to find. Hunting tourism has peaked and plateaued, no new jobs are on the horizon, and even the new college has not had any sort of noticeable economic impact.

Curtis and Debbie Cook: Support Moe

Fellow citizens, please join us in electing Frank Moe for Moffat County commissioner. We have known Frank for many years. In that time, we have seen Frank work through many avenues for the betterment of our area.

John Williams: People should be upset

I would like to offer my condolences to the American people; it seems that Americans have been diagnosed as being stupid and incapable of thinking for themselves.

Karen Burley: Thanks for support

Because of the generosity of sponsors, silent auction donors and bidders, in-kind donors and the attendance of 250 individuals, The Haven’s fifth annual Barbecue, Barn Dance and Silent Auction grossed more than $10,000 for much needed maintenance and repairs at The Haven!

Lisa Brown: Thanks for the help

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Hospice on June 9 at Catamount Ranch & Club golf course and The Larson Barn. Over 300 supporters of Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association’s Hospice and Palliative Care program joined us to golf and celebrate.

Allen Hischke: Let's solve bear problem

I just read the article in the Craig Daily Press about the “bear problems” in Steamboat Springs. We have in recent years had “bear problems” here in Craig.
I urge everyone, hunter and no-hunter alike, to contact their local, state and U.S. representatives and urge them to bring back spring and baited bear hunting as it was many years ago here in Colorado.

Carl K. Chapman: Vote for Moe

I would like to support Frank Moe for Moffat County commissioner. However, first I have some questions about Mr. Soos, Frank’s opponent. What qualifies a person who holds the position of emergency management coordinator to be a county commissioner?