Letters to the editor


P.E.O. Chapter AJ: Thank you

We wish to thank the following people for helping make our first Garden Walk and Luncheon a success:

Gene Adamek: Party ideals defined

It’s been said that a person who dies from a gunshot never hears the sound of the bullet that kills them.

Pete Nichols
: Hunting works here

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced it will distribute $1.1 billion in revenues generated by the hunting and angling industry to state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies throughout the nation.

Mary Jane Alexander: 2 yellow ribbons

Years ago, I put a yellow ribbon around our lamp post in our front yard for all our service people.

Vicki Van Couvering: Thank you for support

The Board of Directors and I cannot begin to thank the people of Craig and greater Moffat County for their encouragement and support to the Yampa Valley Pregnancy Center since we changed directors in May.

Bears Ears Patriots: Thank you donors

Bears Ears Patriots would like to thank all the donors listed for their role in making the first annual Freedom Fun shoot a success:.

Lois Stoffle: Woodbury is beautiful

When taking my morning walk with my dog, I once again noticed the beautiful fields at Woodbury Park on Third Street.

Donna Myers: Thank you TMH

I would like to thank the Craig Memorial Hospital staff for the 17 days I spent in the hospital this month.

Becky Plummer: Businesses lower flags

I would like to request that all of our businesses to lower our flag in respect for our Marines that lost their lives last week in a senseless act of violence.

Yampa Valley Artisans: Thank you for support

The Yampa Valley Artisans would like to thank the community for their support of our latest Pop Up Gallery. T&H Parts, Yampa Valley Bank, Cook Chevrolet/Subaru, Farm Bureau Insurance, Downtown Business Association, Mike and Suzanne Brinks and the Kitchen Shop were instrumental in the success of this event with their financial backing.

Rachel May: Thank you

The staff and children at Hayden Public Library would like to express a public thank you to Clint at the Jungle Pet Shop.

Jane Yazzie: Sage grouse concerns

Humans often gauge their efforts to thrive. They maneuver both nature and each other to maintain the effort. Nonhuman species thrive tentatively on a habitat’s terms. That difference — between humans’ agility in taking advantages from natural sources, moving across continents at will for more advantage, and, in contrast, natural species’ reliance on the available natural conditions in their home ranges with limited mobility to seek more favorable spaces — is a difference that has always challenged the Bureau of Land Management’s role to assign human land uses and sustain natural species.  

Gerald Colrud: Thank you for help

On the 19th of June, I was feeling really bad, was really dizzy, light headed, couldn’t put a sentence together and vomiting a lot to the point I was dehydrated. So a friend of mine came over, had brought me some drinks because there would have been no way I would have been able to go to the grocery store and comprehend what I needed to do.

Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

On Thursday June 25, the Moffat County School District Board of Education, by a vote of 5-1, approved the 2015-16 budget. This budget was approved after board member Tony Peroulis made the motion to reinstate the iPad initiative and accompanying technology specialist.

Gary Cox: Amend the constitution

The Founding Fathers envisioned the federal government as an aide to the states to accomplish tasks for the general welfare: regulating commerce, collecting taxes, forming a defensive army, making laws that are necessary and proper, making treaties, coining and regulating money, controlling patents and copyrights, and insuring uniform laws for naturalization and bankruptcy.