Letters to the editor


Athan Smith: Turn depot into museum

I read the article last night with my dad about the (train) depot. I care that it has to stay up because I want it to be a train museum.

David DeRose: Travelers enjoy Craig

From March 25 through 27, we hosted 25 individuals at CNCC for a carbon monoxide and combustion class that you reported on in the paper.

Carolyn Walsh: Thanks, firefighters, for your help

I would like to thank the Craig Fire Department for their quick response on Friday, March 14, when they put out the brush fire in my pasture.

Gary Rowley family: Thanks for the comfort

The Gary Rowley family would like to express our thanks to friends and family for the many letters, cards, flowers and phone messages we received following the death of our dear loved one.

Kenneth L. Hall: Stella Hall is grateful

Thank you for printing the letter in your paper regarding my mother, Stella Hall. The response was amazing.

Craig Middle School staff: Thanks for TCAP help

Craig Middle School students and staff would like to thank The Memorial Hospital, Bank of Colorado, CMS Positive Behavior Intervention Support Team, CMS Student Council and all the parents that came in the week of TCAP testing to cook pancakes for our students.

Bob Amick: Rio Blanco to demolish historic school for a jail

Rio Blanco County is moving to demolish the classic “art deco” red sandstone historic old Meeker elementary school built by the WPA in 1939. It is among the top five historic buildings listed for preservation by History Colorado and Colorado Preservation. As a token to “historic preservation,” their plan is to save only the south portion of the school to gut it and fill it with court offices. Their design features “ski area” sloped roofs and an entrance that is completely incongruent with the art deco architecture and of other historic downtown buildings.

Dr. Dennis Kinder: A new adventure

I am writing to thank my patients for allowing me to care for you. I have loved working with you all throughout these past two decades and will miss seeing and serving you.

Lawrence L. Sober: Increasing revenue

There are many examples of communities that have used incentives to attract new business to their communities. This is not a new concept. The gains in revenue throughout time outweigh the advantage of adding extra costs up front.

Cindy Looper: Thank you

I would like to sincerely thank the kind person (whether it was an employee or a shopper) that turned my purse into the customer service desk at City Market on Thursday.

Chris Jurney: Keep core economics

As an outfitter and resident in Moffat county and Craig, I believe some things can stay just the way they are without change, while other bigger issues need to be addressed. And while everyone is not a hunter or has that interest, Craig and Moffat County have always been a hunting destination for thousands of sportsmen and women each year and for many decades.

Lawrence Sober: Economic developement

Two things that never seem to come up in local discussions about economic development in Craig are business incentives and economic diversity.

Bob Amick: Save our historic school

The citizens of Meeker and Rio Blanco County have been informed by the board of county commissioners that there will be “public hearings” about the proposed design of the “justice center” which they propose to locate where the historic Meeker elementary school now stands.

Allan Reishus, MD: Spring is on the way!

A sure sign of spring in Craig is seeing the city’s street sweepers at work.

Toni Marshall: No police records in print

I am writing this because I feel it is so wrong that we have a “records” section in our newspaper, unlike bigger city papers.