Letters to the editor


Kirsten Andrew: Good people, bad times

I am writing this letter overwhelmed with gratitude for the many, many people who have helped, offered help and are continuing to help us overcome our loss in the Alkali Fire last week. There are too many to list here, but please know that we appreciate you very much. Thank you to the engine crews who were in the vicinity during and after the fire. Your diligence and presence was comforting while we gathered livestock.

Frank Moe: EPA Rally was a hit

I would like to thank everyone responsible for the planning and logistics for the Denver EPA Rally. Everyone’s efforts paid off with a successful event.

Jennifer Riley: Physicals a success

I would like to thank all of the people who helped make our annual Sports Physical Night a success. Every year, providers from multiple agencies come together to conduct sports physicals for our Moffat County student-athletes.

Mike Albee: Oil companies: Fix road

I live on Moffat County Road 30 (Round Bottom Road). The county road department applied magnesium chloride to the road sometime in late June or early July. Since that time, a new oil or gas well was drilled somewhere up the road.

Ray Beck: Aerospace event success

The Colorado aerospace road trip to Northwest Colorado was a very successful three-day event. The Colorado Space Business Roundtable was supported by the Colorado Space Coalition, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, the Colorado Competitive Council, Lockheed Martin, University of Colorado Boulder, CDOT’s Division of Aeronautics and CLUB 20.

Neil Boren and family: Thank you for support

Thank you for joining us on July 5, in celebrating the life, love, laughter and joy of Julie Boren, our beloved wife, mother, sister and friend. Perhaps you sent a lovely card or sat quietly in a chair. Perhaps you sent those beautiful flowers which we saw sitting there. Perhaps you spoke the kindest words as any friend could say. Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us that day. Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you so much for whatever part.

Jason Steed: Lack of transparency

This letter serves as yet another letter about the issue with the high school football team. I will not begin to assume facts, as I do not have them, nor does most of the general public. What I would like to address is a lack of transparency from the Moffat County School District, more specifically the high school. I and many others would like to know why it is the football coaches were relieved from their coaching positions when it was the students who allegedly committed the hazing.

The Wellman family: Thanks for thoughts

The family of Lucille A. Wellman would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during Lucille’s passing. She loved this community and her many wonderful friends! There are too many to name here, but please know that each kind thought, gentle gesture and fond memory was greatly appreciated. It is a comfort to know others miss Lucille as much as we do.

Lawrence L. Sober: Hazing incident shameful

It is unfortunate that our community and high school has lost these football coaches. The fact is that in every incident the supervisors are responsible first and foremost. Any situation like this has to be supervised closely to see that things like this never happen again. Someone that was in a supervisory position should have known what was going on during this football camp.

Junior Herndon: Baseball academy success

As founder and owner of Herndon’s Five Tool Baseball Academy, I would like to take the time to thank and appreciate all of the support I received this weekend for my first baseball camp. Without the people and support that I had, none of this would have been possible.

Ruth Greenwood: Hazing inquiry

What were they thinking? The hazing issue perpetrated by upperclassmen on the football team of Moffat County has raised many questions in my mind.

MCHS coaches: To the editor

An open letter to the Moffat County School Board, school administrators, football parents, community members and football players: As football coaches, we are deeply disappointed that actions were taken by certain individuals that have caused a crippling ripple effect in our community.

Kevin Loughran: Thanks MCHS coaches

I am writing to thank coach Hafey, coach Scranton and the rest of the coaching staff for their hard work and dedication throughout the years.

John Ponikvar: Awesome fireworks

I would like to thank Kris Olsen, KC Hume and the rest of the Craig Fire/Rescue for putting on a truly spectacular fireworks display on the Fourth of July.

Lynn and Ella Curtis: Bad choice newspaper

After going through Monday’s (July 7, 2014) paper, we really question the Craig Daily Press’ opinion on the priority of importance of articles. Why would you put “Lawsuits looking to stop work at mines in three states” on page 11?