Letters to the editor


Early Childhood Coalition: A sincere thanks

The Early Childhood Coalition would like to thank the following organizations for their support with our Children’s Festival this year.

Yolanda Cruz, Heather Cruz and family: Thanks for support

I would love to thank the community, Adriana Robbins, Shannon Moore and Vallarta’s Restaurant, who worked to get a fundraiser for my daughter, Heather Cruz, who has Hodgkin lymphoma. All the support was so appreciated.

Duane Koukol: For my plant friends

To all my friends at the power plant, hi!

Tony St. John: TMH is excellent

I would like the people in Craig and surrounding areas to know how great my health care experience was at TMH.

Karen Brown, staff and board members: Thank you, Bank of Colorado

The Community Budget Center would like to publicly thank the Bank of Colorado for all of the help they gave to us last week.

Caitlin Balch-Burnett: Sage grouse tour was great

Many of our group, some visiting from as far away as the East Coast, had never been to Craig, or seen the storied sage grouse in person. We enjoyed every moment of our time in Craig and the surrounding wildlands, and we surely will recommend the area to fellow wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors.

Eric Myers
: Give time to Red Cross

The American Red Cross Western Colorado Chapter is celebrating its volunteers and the work they do in the community during National Volunteer Week, April 6 through 12.
We couldn’t do what we do without the tireless work of our dedicated volunteers.

Susan Mizen: Horizons invites all to contest

Horizons would like to extend an invitation to the entire Moffat County community to attend our second annual Pick a Dish cooking contest from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday.

Neil McCandless: Dr. Kinder will be missed

I am sorry to see another of our hometown doctors leave town. Goodbye Dr. Kinder. We will certainly miss you! Instead, I would like to see the Quorum Management group leave town. I wish our hospital board had the courage to dismiss them!

Decker family: Thanks for the love

The family of Dart Decker would like to express their thanks to family and friends for the many cards, visits, calls and food they received following the death of Dart.

Ann Anderson: Thanks for your help

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank the following businesses and individuals: Thanks to Kelly Hepworth and staff for all your help and for the donation of leashes and thanks also to Wayne Davis and staff. We would like to thank the Clarion Inn & Suites for use of their meeting room.

Sylvia R. Fread: Moffat needs pot money

There is no cure for stupidity. We need the pot money in Moffat County, and the jobs. My grandson has tried for two years to get a job here. None yet. If you get some pot money in here, it could help.

Athan Smith: Turn depot into museum

I read the article last night with my dad about the (train) depot. I care that it has to stay up because I want it to be a train museum.

David DeRose: Travelers enjoy Craig

From March 25 through 27, we hosted 25 individuals at CNCC for a carbon monoxide and combustion class that you reported on in the paper.

Carolyn Walsh: Thanks, firefighters, for your help

I would like to thank the Craig Fire Department for their quick response on Friday, March 14, when they put out the brush fire in my pasture.