Letters to the editor


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Debbie McLain: Thank you!

I would like to publicly thank the Craig, Maybell, Hayden and Steamboat Springs’ communities for their enthusiastic promotion of Constitution Week by exhibiting our numerous displays and supporting our activities. Special thanks to the Craig Daily Press and KRAI/55 Country for their media coverage and public announcements.

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Hal Quinn: Coal column is insightful

Danielle Elkins' recent opinion column provided a thoughtful perspective on the stress and anxiety in coal communities across the nation due to the sharp loss of coal jobs recently. It is true that the industry has faced drops in the number of mines and miners in the past, but the remaining and new mines were larger, more productive and miners' wages increased. Today, the average coal mine wage is almost $84,000 and with overtime miners can take home six figures a year.

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John Pogline: Pot editorial is unbelievable

I cannot believe someone telling us to put our morals aside and vote for pot. What do they think we govern our lives by? Our morals.

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Patrick Mosbey: Deeply offended

I recently was DEEPLY OFFENDED when (CK), quarterback for the 49er’s refused to stand during our national anthem. He claims that he as a minority has been “oppressed” by America.

Multiple families: Thanks first responders

The families of Terry Carwile/Kathryn Deitz, Don Cook, Dennis and Sherry Fredrickson, and Wayne Quick are indebted to the firefighters and other emergency personnel who responded to the rangeland fire that broke out the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 11, north of Craig.

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John Pogline: Life is more important

I will have to admit that I am ignorant of some of the facts presented by Leeann Cline. I do know that it is a good thing that parents put their weed where their kids cannot get to it — because we know that kids never get into things they are not supposed to.

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Leeann Cline: Pot statistics

While there are many people debating the pros and cons of allowing recreational marijuana sales in Moffat County, most of the arguments leave out one important thing — facts.

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John Pogline: Keep pot out of Craig

Hey man, look here. We can buy pot in Moffat County! Let’s go buy some. There, let’s toke up. Hey, that’s good stuff. Let’s go, we’d better head home. Whoops, ran over that kid on a bicycle. That’s okay, people here would rather have the money from pot than worry about losing one life.

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Lou Hahn: In response to Lausin’s pot letter

This is in response to Michael Lausin’s letter about missing out on pot. In all of his Bla-bla-bla about how great pot would be for the town of Craig, you notice he never once mentioned anything about the effects that pot and other drugs have had on our country’s children, including ones here in Craig.

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Michael Lausin: Stop missing out on pot money

Again, Craig has turned down an economic development opportunity and has made the merchants in Steamboat very happy. I’m talking about the failure to gain enough signatures for the retail cannabis ballot measure. Various writers to the editor don’t think there’s much money in retail cannabis, but I beg to differ.

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Advocates-Crisis Support Services: Thank you

Advocates-Crisis Support Services would like to take this opportunity to thank Neil Folks and Vicki Burns from the Moffat County Fuller Center for Housing for including our organization in their recent project.

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Les and Bonnie Hampton: Thank you first responders

The good news is we and several of our neighbors in the Elkhead area awoke in our own beds this morning, July 28, 2016. We thank the Lord, Craig Volunteer firefighters, and 25 feet of road separating our homes from yesterday’s wildfire.

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Tom Soos: Thanks for article on animal shelter

I would like to thank the Daily Press and Patrick Kelly for the article “Volunteers sought for animal shelter” that appeared in the June 22 edition. As a result of the article we received some interest from people willing to volunteer.

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Edward A. Wilkinson: CPW’s interests

How ironic that the CPW has articles in the paper about leaving young wild animals alone.

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Sue Fegelein: Thanks for fundraising help

What a fantastic night Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA had on June 25 at Thunder Rolls Bowling Center during our Bowl-For-Kids fundraiser! Sponsors and attendees enjoyed free pizza and bowled the night away for a good cause.