Letters to the editor


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Suzanne Fegelein: We don't take political stances

I am writing to clarify the position of Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA in response to the online article published by the Craig Daily Press on Oct. 18.

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Gayle Zimmerman: Shame on MCSD for dismissing student

Homecoming is a special time of year that brings the community together while watching our high school athletes in one of the most spectated games of the season. It’s a time when school pride and team spirit shine through.

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King family: Thank you

This thank you goes out to all of you wonderful, wonderful people who showed your love and support for my family as we said goodbye to the beautiful woman who loved me for the past 54 years.

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Jack Taylor: Al White is wrong — vote Baumgardner

I had the privilege and honor of representing Northwest Colorado in the Colorado House of Representatives for eight years and also served as your State Senator for eight years. I was very disappointed to read recently in the Craig Daily Press that Al and Jean White have endorsed Sen. Randy Baumgardner’s opponent for Colorado Senate District 8. I write to tell you that I strongly support Sen. Randy Baumgardner to remain as our State Senator.

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Ed Marston: Not favoring Tipton

Your Colorado neighbor to the south, Delta County, has its challenges. We just lost 800 coal mining jobs and the surviving 200 are none too secure. That’s caused many families with children to leave, hitting our schools hard.

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Lisa Brown: Thanks for supporting Rubber Ducky Race

We couldn’t be happier with our second annual Rubber Ducky Race held on Aug. 27 in Craig. More than 500 rubber ducks bobbed along the Yampa River — that’s 150 more ducks than last year!

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Al and Jean White: We want Emily Tracy

We’re both former Colorado Republican Senators, and we’re voting for Emily Tracy for Colorado Senate. Emily is a Democrat, but it’s not about partisanship: it’s about protecting our lands, our rural values, and having someone who actually listens to us in the Senate.

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Chuck McConnell: Vote for Scott Tipton

In politics, the facts can often get caught up and overlooked amidst hyperbole and campaign slogans. It troubles me when we the voters do not get the whole story.

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To the editor: Thank you to customers

Thank you so very much for all the good wishes, cards and gifts from all my special customers. The years I have “spoiled all of you” have been a blast. I am so blessed to have been your “Checker of Choice” at City Market. Thank you all for being great customers.

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Patrick Mosbey: Liberals aren’t open minded

They are constantly working to make “their views” the rule of law.

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Debbie McLain: Thank you!

I would like to publicly thank the Craig, Maybell, Hayden and Steamboat Springs’ communities for their enthusiastic promotion of Constitution Week by exhibiting our numerous displays and supporting our activities. Special thanks to the Craig Daily Press and KRAI/55 Country for their media coverage and public announcements.

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Hal Quinn: Coal column is insightful

Danielle Elkins' recent opinion column provided a thoughtful perspective on the stress and anxiety in coal communities across the nation due to the sharp loss of coal jobs recently. It is true that the industry has faced drops in the number of mines and miners in the past, but the remaining and new mines were larger, more productive and miners' wages increased. Today, the average coal mine wage is almost $84,000 and with overtime miners can take home six figures a year.

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John Pogline: Pot editorial is unbelievable

I cannot believe someone telling us to put our morals aside and vote for pot. What do they think we govern our lives by? Our morals.

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Patrick Mosbey: Deeply offended

I recently was DEEPLY OFFENDED when (CK), quarterback for the 49er’s refused to stand during our national anthem. He claims that he as a minority has been “oppressed” by America.

Multiple families: Thanks first responders

The families of Terry Carwile/Kathryn Deitz, Don Cook, Dennis and Sherry Fredrickson, and Wayne Quick are indebted to the firefighters and other emergency personnel who responded to the rangeland fire that broke out the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 11, north of Craig.