Nate Waggenspack: Can't beat playoff basketball

Craig Daily Press sports writer Nate Waggenspack on this weekend's playoff games.

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Sheridan's delightful book about small towns debuts in Steamboat Springs on Saturday

Writing a book that’s both serious and humorous is not an easy task to master, but that’s exactly what Janet Bohart Sheridan does with her first paperback, “A Seasoned Life Lived In Small Towns: Memories, Musings and Observations.”

Janet Sheridan: You’ll regret it someday

“Thirty-seven Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old” by Mike Spoor at listed several of my youthful follies, which I’ve detailed below. Mr. Spoor contributed the italicized regret; I added the lamentation.

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The Bock’s Office: Action is stunted but solid in ‘Non-Stop’

A trying experience like air travel is not meant for the impatient. The people who can’t help but tear into a bag of peanuts seconds after finding their seats are exactly the crowd the makers of “Non-Stop” had in mind as their audience, but it may be the folks with the greater attention span who will enjoy it more.

Lance Scranton: Words of wisdom for kids

A colleague sent me an article to read a couple of weeks ago, and six of the writer’s words shocked me at first, and I thought, “Yes, this is important, but so are a bunch of other things.” I really pondered the article and the words that it spoke about how our children perceive their performances. I mean, we obviously love sports and all those extracurricular activities, or we wouldn’t talk about them all the time and get our kids joined up as soon as they are old enough.

Prather’s Pick: Teachers should read ‘Little Red Writing’ to help with speech, writing

Picture books that retell well-known tales are popular these days. In this week’s retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” Little Red is a pencil. Teachers might want to check out this book, especially if their students are ready to learn about the parts of speech and the steps to writing a story.

Mary Jo Brown: Marching forward

March is here, it’s springtime in the Rockies. Yes, there will be snow now and then, but in between are green sprouts peeking out at us. Crocus, daffodils and shoots of grass are trying hard to make their presence known. In the first mild days of March each minute is sweeter than before, like waking up from a long winter slumber. Thoughts turn to planting, renewing perhaps a stirring of hope and all things new and refreshed. I liken it to the turning of the earth in our inner gardens and a stirring of hope in better things to come.

Stephanie Pearce: Trying to freeze time

Milestone birthdays can be exciting, but it seems the older you get, the less exciting they become. I was the youngest kid on our block growing up. I was quite a bit younger than most, and I always wanted to be older like the other children.

Over a Cup of Coffee: A craving for Mexican casseroles

Perhaps it’s a craving for Mexican casseroles that sent me to my files, searching for casserole recipes. Most of the Mexican casserole recipes I use are pretty similar in ingredients and preparations, so I was hunting for something a little “different.”

Pipi's Pasture: Transitioning seasons

Each time the season is about to change her at Pipi’s Pasture, I just can’t help myself — I have to write about it. After all, it brings changes to what is going on in the agricultural community and, for that matter, the rest of our community as well.

Why are spring sports already here?

The spring sports season starts too early in the year and overlaps too significantly with winter sports, especially at a school like MCHS.

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The Bock’s Office: Oscar Sunday is a fun day

The time is nigh for the red carpet crowd as the 86th annual Academy Awards approaches, promising a night of glitz and glamour for folks in love with a little golden man named Oscar.

Prather's Pick: 'Worthy Brown’s Daughter' is an intriguing and well-crafted book

This week’s novel, set in the early American West, 1860, is based on a real court case from the Oregon Territory. Phillip Margolin, author of “Worthy Brown’s Daughter,” has plenty of experience with court cases. Besides being an author, he has a background as a criminal defense attorney and has handled thirty murder cases. Although he has written 17 bestsellers, this is Margolin’s first book of historical fiction

Lance Scranton: Spring opens dreams of possibilities

It’s a classic story and one that warms my heart each time I hear it, or read it in a book. A life separated by the deep chasm of loneliness and despair. A life that is lost because of the painful reality of not knowing who is genuine and who is not. It begins simply enough with hopes and dreams and a willingness to believe that almost anything is possible — but it isn’t.

Stephanie Pearce: The season of spring

I love how the seasons work. The first day of spring is less than a month away. Spring, with all its newness will be here. Isn’t it amazing that every year we get to see this entire freshness take place? What if we appreciated every day in our life like it was a season?