Prather’s Pick: A hilarious book for young adults

I’ve been a fan of Gary Paulsen’s books for years. If I counted the titles of his works, listed inside his newest book, correctly, he has written about 53 books, mostly for young people but some fiction and nonfiction for adults — and some picture books besides.

Senior Spotlight: Being your own mystery

Mysteries are part of our everyday life, though we may not recognize them as such when faced with them. Most people probably don’t even think of events in their daily lives as mysteries because of the way they occur.

Stephanie Pearce: An extra-special companion

All of our dogs have been rescued except one. All of my dogs are special, but there was one extra-special dog that adored me, and his name was Jake.

Over a Cup of Coffee: Get ready for fall cooking

This is a great time of the year to cook because there is so much produce available through the Farmers Market and fruit/vegetable stands. I’m told that Palisade peaches are ready. This week’s column features two recipes for using fruit.

Faith Column: The ‘key’ to God’s love

How many times have we been looking for something and it’s right there in front of us?

Museum of Northwest Colorado: Class of 1954 had much personality

Every high school graduating class has its renowned clown or comic. The Moffat County graduating class of 1954 was no different. Alternating between ebullient and anxious views of the future, the graduates mirrored the effervescence of all seniors before and after them. Class comedian and vice-president, Leo Romero, captured the class in caricature on a banner, and that simple banner surfaced recently at the class’s 60th reunion.

Conservation Colorado: Wilderness is an enduring resource

In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act, making it the policy of the United States to preserve worthy undeveloped public lands for the benefit of people to recreate, for wildlife and to assure that America’s rapid growth did not gobble up every acre of land for human development.

Baxter Black: Larger riders mean larger horses

An interview with several dud wranglers and packers showed they have accommodated the increasing number of large people. Using Belgians, Percherons and their crosses are mentioned often. Draft horses are gentle beasts by nature and most wranglers are ready with a hefty footstool to assist in mounting up.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Signs of fall approaching

I love the fall season, and it seems to me that there are already signs of the seasonal change. Mostly it’s a feeling, I guess, but I’ve been trying to pinpoint the signs.

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: Joy level of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is out of this world

In a business where bigger isn’t always better, it’s good to see a movie like “Guardians of the Galaxy” that’s huge in every way but still dares to be small where it counts. And, not just in having a trigger-happy star that’s only two feet tall.

Mike Littwin: Lucky John got the deal done

In crafting a last-minute fracking compromise, Hickenlooper may not have pulled off the impossible, but he definitely produced the unlikely. He had gotten the center to hold, and Hickenlooper will tell you that when the center holds, all else is right in his world.

Janet Sheridan: Moments that linger

A few seconds in a rainforest, a sunrise shared with a stranger, a five-minute walk on a beach: all are moments that lingered and the reason I travel.

Prather’s Pick: A true story of extraordinary kindness

“My name is Alter Wiener, and I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary past.” That’s the way “Gifts from the Enemy” begins. The picture book for children was written by Trudy Ludwig, and the beautiful oil painting illustrations were done by Craig Orback. White Cloud Press is the publisher.

Mary Jo Brown: The power of a hug

Life likes to hand us surprises, and my surprise for the week was that due to my health. My legs are giving me problems, and I am once again in rehab at Sandrock Ridge. Again, I am looking at life through a different window, and I’m finding that it really isn’t all that different. The experience makes me feel like saying to myself, “Yeah, I’m back to square one,” which, at times, is not such a good feeling.

Stephanie Pearce: It's Moffat County Fair time!

My favorite time of year is here. It is the Moffat County Fair. My family’s summer is not complete without it.