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2 transported after rollover accident west of Craig November 27, 2015



Mike Littwin: Poor Jeb

Jeb Bush didn’t fare well at the Boulder GOP debate. Does that mean it’s farewell?

Janet Sheridan: An endangered concept

Courtesy lies on its deathbed, fading away unnoticed: no letters filled with love and gratitude, no phone calls expressing concern and caring, no bedside visitors with mournful eyes and soothing hands. The windowsills of Courtesy’s hushed chamber display no get-well cards or flowers, and no one has carried a casserole to Courtesy’s door.

Lance Scranton: Scared?

Halloween is a few days away and all kinds of kids will dress up in all kinds of costumes to celebrate the scary time of year. Dressing in costumes at school has fallen out of favor in many school districts for fear of something scary happening. I remember kicking off the Thanksgiving season by dressing up as an Indian or a cowboy or maybe even a clown so I could glean a little extra candy out of my teachers. My parents frowned on the whole scary thing so I would marvel jealously at the cool kids who had blood dripping from their mouth or a hatchet taped to their skull or the one kid who went all out to dress in a cape, slick back their hair and wear some pointy teeth.

Prather’s Pick: A girl named Apple

This week’s book is intended for young adult readers. It’s “Apple and Rain,” a novel written by Sarah Crossan and published by Bloomsbury Children’s books (2014).

Stephanie Pearce: Believing and praying for a miracle

I woke up to a notification on my phone. It said, “Joey + Rory new blog post — Enough.” I follow Rory Feek’s blog on My heart sank as I read those words “Enough.” I’ve been following Joey and Rory Feek for quite some time.

Thoughtful Parenting: Bilingualism becoming increasingly important

Being bilingual is becoming increasingly more useful in our society. For that reason, it is important to continue learning and not lose the language skills that are already present.

Over a Cup of Coffee: Another Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

All of these thoughts of pumpkins have inspired me to find more pumpkin cookie recipes. (I featured one a few weeks ago.) This week’s recipe is from my file.

From Pipi’s Pasture: The year of the topsy-turvy cats

The other afternoon, while I was filling a stock tank at the corral, I was watching the cats and remembering the years that the topsy-turvy cats lived at Pipi’s Pasture. I have written about the stray cats before. They come and go at our place. Some of them stay with us awhile. I feed them all, and it’s the cats’ habits to stay either at the corral or around the house, usually not both places.

Our View: Get out the vote

Each year, we have the patriotic opportunity to uphold one of our freedoms by voting for people, ballot measures and referendums.

Horizons: Recognize Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Don’t underestimate

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a chance to spread awareness, an opportunity to advocate and include, a time to celebrate abilities. There are about 6,000 babies born with Down syndrome ever year in the United States.

Frank Moe: Vote ‘yes’ on 5A

Please join me in voting “yes” for 5A, Moffat County Local Marketing District.

Cheryl Arnett: Vote for JoBeth Tupa

The upcoming MCSD School Board election is of critical importance. There are four seats changing.

Sasha Nelson: Creating a road map

It turns out that we live in a region filled with riding options and we are living in a time when we can shape what that experience looks like far into the future. Both the Little Snake and White River Field Offices of the Bureau of Land Management are undergoing travel planning. Transportation and travel management planning determines the location and type of “linear transportation-based disturbance” allowed on BLM-managed lands.

Clarence Page: Jim Webb's 'culture' war

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, feeling disrespected at CNN's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, says he's dropping out to consider running as an independent. That's his right, but I wonder whether anyone will notice.

Jonah Goldberg: Hillary Clinton's enabler-in-chief

It's an ancient story: An innocent idealist sets out to change the world and in the process becomes what he hates most. "He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster," Friedrich Nietzsche advised. That's probably the best spin one can put on Sidney Blumenthal, the longtime Hillary Rodham Clinton aide and confidant. But it would be just that — spin — given that Blumenthal was never an idealist, nevermind an innocent.