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Over a Cup of Coffee: More raisin pies

This week’s column features two more raisin pie recipes that I couldn’t fit into last week’s column. These recipes were sent to me by Geraldine Coleman, of Craig. Thanks, Geraldine!

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From Pipi's Pasture: Favorite kitten nests

Part of the spring ritual here at Pipi’s Pasture is the birth of kittens, all from mama cats that came here as strays, settled down and stayed — some for years now. This week Lyle told me that he had found a batch of newborn kittens belonging to a one-eyed black mama cat. She has them hidden in a small opening in one side of our wood shed.

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Evelyn Tileston: TMH is amazing

Feb. 14 life changed. I suffered a stroke. For nearly 3 weeks the staff at The Memorial Hospital provided compassionate and professional nursing care and therapy for me in preparation for an intensive stroke rehab at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.

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Michelle Georgiou Foulk: In agreement with school board

I agree that in order for this board to move forward, Brent Curtice had to be released from his contract.

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Cal Thomas: Whose morality?

In a recent interview for the BBC2 series “Inside Obama’s White House," President Obama sounded somewhat wistful as he spoke to an interviewer about how he has tried to use his voice "to move things toward a more ethical and moral outcome."

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Mike Littwin: What does Ted Cruz’s Wisconsin win mean?

If you trust the experts — and if there’s anything we’ve learned in this election season, it’s that we should trust no one — the Donald’s crushing defeat in Wisconsin means he is now a long shot to gather the 1,237 delegate votes needed to claim the Republican nomination.

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Prather’s Pick: Swift River Valley novel

“The Spring at Moss Hill,” this week’s novel written by “New York Times” bestselling author Carla Neggers, is a romantic mystery. It is the latest in the Swift River Valley series of novels. The book is a mystery, but it is not a suspense thriller that involves a murder.

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Lance Scranton: Remembering the greatest dreamer of all

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated this week in 1968, and I have always tried to honor his memory as a teacher and coach. I always thought of him as a man of God who spoke purposefully and passionately for all who were not treated justly. His persistent theme in most of his speeches was that our lives consist of speaking up for those who cannot because they have been marginalized, will not because they see no justice, or have not because they are too scared.

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Jonah Goldberg: Clintons are in no position to surf the populist wave

With apologies to Buffalo Springfield, there's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear. Here's Bill Clinton in Spokane, Washington, making the pitch for his wife last week: "But if you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we've finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that..."

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Thoughtful Parenting: Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were pursuing the same goal, which they never achieved. What happened?

Allan Reishus: Thanks, Sasha Nelson

It was a pleasure to see in the Craig Daily Press the story and photo of students of Craig Middle School planting trees at Brown’s Park National Wildlife Refuge.

Neil Folks: Lord, forgive board

I ask that you forgive them, Father, our loving creator, for they know not what they’ve done that will send a reverberating shock wave through the school community and the community as a whole.

Jamie Daszkiewicz: Mom upset with board

I am a mom to seven. I am blessed to have six of them here on earth. By earth, I mean this little community nestled in the Yampa Valley, good ole Craig. I happen to feel a connection to this land. After 10 years and several states, it is home.

Our view: Board not promoting

The Local Marketing District has slowly taken shape, with the “initial board” making all the decisions and working to form bylaws.

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Our View: LMD board needs tourism, marketing officials

We don’t take issue with who is on the “initial board” but feel like the “permanent board” needs to be formed with representatives from the Moffat County Tourism Association, Craig Moffat Economic Development Partnership and the Craig Chamber of Commerce.