Prather’s Pick: A new biography about John F. Kennedy Jr.

Recently, while browsing through new books at the Moffat County Library, I found two new biographies about the Kennedys. I was surprised to find them because so much has been written about the Kennedy family, it doesn’t seem that there could be anything new to write about. I was wrong.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you for your help

To the editor: The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank the Craig Chamber of Commerce, Edward Jones and Northwest Storage for their help and support.

Senior Spotlight: As I grow older

The day started out lazy for some reason, leaving me feeling like the night went by too fast. After going to breakfast I found a copy of the Daily Press and went back to my room so I could relax and read the events happening around me. With great sadness I read of Mary Bea Neu passing and immediately sent a prayer and thoughts of condolences to her family, especially Beth, whom I’ve known for years.

Stephanie Pearce: Low participation from Craig adults raises concerns

I don’t accept that there is lack of opportunities for our youth. I say instead, there may be lack of participation on the part of adults to make those opportunities happen for youth.

Christina Oxley: Amusing letter

I read with amused interest the letter to the editor from Craig Marshall Smith that ran in the March 4 Craig Daily Press.

Over a Cup of Coffee: A St. Patrick’s day menu

Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve been trying to remember what Mom fixed for a meal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when I was a kid growing up on the ranch. I can remember Cloverleaf Rolls. She made these a lot anyway when baking hot rolls. But I can’t recall the main dish that she cooked up for the holiday. Most likely it was a cabbage dish, but maybe she made corned beef. I don’t know why I can’t remember.

Baxter Black: Vegetarian’s guide to cowboys

Many myths have been promulgated that have fostered a misunderstanding of cowboys by herbivores. It is incumbent on me to shed some light on this subject for my vegetarian readers.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Things are good...

This morning the air temperature was so warm that I didn’t have to break ice on one stock tank, my sinus cough is almost gone, and both of the twin calves, born yesterday afternoon, are nursing on their mom, so things are good here at Pipi’s Pasture.

Mike Littwin: Bumbling GOP senators now negotiating with Iran to defeat Obama

You've seen the letter by now, or at least heard about it, the one sent from the GOP's Tehran 47 to the Iranian mullahs.

Bud and Penny Nelson: Thanks fire department

We would like to thank the fire department for the fast response to the fire at our apartment complex, the dispatchers for handling the 911 call so proficiently, the entire response team, ambulance crew and Craig Police Department.

Donna Gill: Teen awareness

February is nationally recognized as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. We are saying a huge thank you to the county commissioners and the mayor, along with the city councilman for proclaiming it so on a local level as well.

Lance Scranton: Getting elected!

Signs are popping up all over the community as our local citizens vie to represent us on city council. All of them have ideas for making our city a better place. Ideas are good, but I hope each candidate will remember some of the bedrock ideas that make serving the public such a privilege.

Prather’s Pick: A St. Patrick’s Day story

St. Patrick’s Day is about a week away, but this week’s column features a picture book to celebrate the holiday so that you have time to find the book if you decide to read it to your children or students. The book has a 2002 copyright, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a good book.

Senior Spotlight: Be patient with others

The weather that greeted us as March made an entrance had several people remembering the saying “in like a lion and out like a lamb.” Those not happy about the amount of snow we got could not argue with two points, one that we needed the moisture, the other; what we had to put up with was nothing at all compared to the folks back east and in the southern states. It is almost as if the country has reversed its climate with cold where the warm should be and the other way around.

Stephanie Pearce: The nostalgia of country living

Living out of town comes with its own set of challenges, but there are many benefits as well. After living both in and out of town, I prefer out of town living. I’ll share with you some of the obstacles and advantages.