Jane Yazzie: Sage grouse concerns

Humans often gauge their efforts to thrive. They maneuver both nature and each other to maintain the effort. Nonhuman species thrive tentatively on a habitat’s terms. That difference — between humans’ agility in taking advantages from natural sources, moving across continents at will for more advantage, and, in contrast, natural species’ reliance on the available natural conditions in their home ranges with limited mobility to seek more favorable spaces — is a difference that has always challenged the Bureau of Land Management’s role to assign human land uses and sustain natural species.  

Gerald Colrud: Thank you for help

On the 19th of June, I was feeling really bad, was really dizzy, light headed, couldn’t put a sentence together and vomiting a lot to the point I was dehydrated. So a friend of mine came over, had brought me some drinks because there would have been no way I would have been able to go to the grocery store and comprehend what I needed to do.

Prather’s Pick: Three ‘Pete the Cat’ books

This week’s column salutes a cat — not just any ordinary cat, either. Pete is a blackish-blue cat with light brown eyes that take up most of his face. He sometimes wears clothes over his slender body. In short, he’s one cool cat.

Lance Scranton: Beliefs, boundaries and our freedoms

Our freedoms allow us to debate tough topics in society. Various issues provide more than enough potential emotional ammunition to mow down any type of rational debate. Agree or disagree, the discussion is blunted when personal accusations are made that put the brakes on what our country has always valued — the free exchange of ideas.

Tease photo

Celestial News: See the magnificent Milky Way

Contrary to what the ancient Romans believed, the Milky Way is not made from the milk of queen goddess Juno, but is the combined light of billions of distant suns unresolved by the human eye. If you look through a pair of binoculars and sweep slowly across the Milky Way, you will rediscover what Galileo did in 1610 — a multitude of faint stars.

Stephanie Pearce: Visions of grandeur

When I was a child, I romanticized and daydreamed about so many things. I had visions of how life would be as an adult. I had ideas in my head about where I would get married, where I would live, and especially what my house would look like.

John Kinkaid: Don’t lose hope in Moffat County’s strength

Friday morning after our meeting with Sen. Cory Gardner, I came back to the office and listened to a voice mail from Nina Burleigh, national political reporter for Newsweek magazine.

Our View: Sally Jewell needs to speak up

It’s been 64 days since a federal judge gave the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement 120 days to redo an assessment on Northwest Colorado’s Colowyo Coal Mine.

From Pipi's Pasture: Getting ready for the fair

What’s going on at Pipi’s Pasture this next week isn’t happening right here. Even though our granddaughter, Megan (Prather), doesn’t live here, we’re getting ready to give her our support when she competes in the Park County Fair at Fairplay, Colorado. We have been there at the fair in previous years to watch her exhibit her animals and other 4-H projects, though.

Over a Cup of Coffee: An unusual pizza

This week’s column features two very different recipes, each one from “1000 Recipes Cook Books”, # 3 and # 7, published in 1949 and 1951 by Dell Publishing Company. These cookbooks were given to me by a dear friend, Grandma Downs, way back when our children were small.

Our View: Sally Jewell needs to speak up about Colowyo

It’s been 64 days since a federal judge gave the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement 120 days to redo an assessment on Colowyo coal mine Northwest Colorado.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner: DOI must act swiftly to save Colowyo

The Colowyo mine is the lifeblood of Northwest Colorado’s economy, and now it’s in jeopardy due to a U.S. Federal District Court ruling. If action isn’t taken within 60 days, the mine will close and the jobs, economic activity and affordable energy it supports will be eliminated. That is why the Department of the Interior (DOI) must consider all options and dedicate all available resources to saving the mine.

Mike Littwin: Sanders and Trump: Blockbusters of the 2016 presidential race

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the two biggest stories of the 2016 election, but for very different reasons.

Janet Sheridan: Photo opportunities

“Mom, where are my baby pictures?” I asked as I idly turned the pages of a family album. So far I’d found a studio portrait and numerous photographs of the first born, Lawrence, and several more snapshots labeled Carolyn or Bob, but no bald Bray baby called Janet. “Didn’t you take any of me?”

Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

On Thursday June 25, the Moffat County School District Board of Education, by a vote of 5-1, approved the 2015-16 budget. This budget was approved after board member Tony Peroulis made the motion to reinstate the iPad initiative and accompanying technology specialist.