Conservation Colorado: Good news for funky bird with funky dance

Greater sage grouse do not currently need protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This week’s announcement has me wanting to burst with joy. It’s as exciting as a Broncos’ touchdown.

Our View: Craig and Moffat County should help finance YVDP

This week, Yampa Valley Data Partners asked Moffat County Commissioners and Craig City Council for funding in an effort to stay afloat.

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: ‘Scorch’ a trial of a sequel to watch

The heat is always on to create the next big thing in young adult action films. Unfortunately, in the case of ”Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” that thermal overload proves too much pressure. Out of the frying pan, as they say…

Mike Littwin: Scott Walker couldn’t keep up with the bigots

Was Scott Walker not crazy enough to compete in the GOP primary?

Lance Scranton: Pondering the refugee crisis

It’s difficult to look around the world and not think that it is changing radically. There are very real issues of human suffering and border security not just in the United States but also in Europe where countries are being literally overwhelmed by political and economic refugees. Most are escaping ISIS and the tsunami of radicalization that is taking place in the Middle East, Syria and Northern Africa.

Prather’s Pick: A novel with a theme

I think there’s a theme in this week’s novel for adults, and although I haven’t been able to put it in words yet, I think there’s a message about birds and flight.

Stephanie Pearce: We still have more work to do

The wait for Sept. 5 was filled with so many emotions. Emotions that the people who brought it on us could care less about. There were the people with family members receiving medical treatments who didn’t know what they would do without their insurance.

Moffat County Cancer Society Board of Directors: Thank you for your support

Our organization, Moffat County Cancer Society, would like to, once again, express our many thanks, deep appreciation and thoughtfulness to Irene, Tony and Steve and all the staff of Victory Motors of Craig for hosting the amazing Second Annual “Bite Out of Cancer” Drive, held July 21 through 25.

John P. Pogline: Craig says 'no' pot

Though I believe no pot in Craig financially affects your business, I do not believe for a minute that Craig and Moffat County have lost millions and millions of dollars due to the voters here not being smart enough to legalize the weed.

Our View: Welcoming hunters to Craig for a great experience

The hunting season vibe is in full throttle in Craig, bringing orange and camouflage colors into restaurants, retail stores and businesses across Moffat County.

From Pipi's Pasture: 2015 Colorado State Fair livestock results

Each year “From Pipi’s Pasture” salutes the junior exhibitors who competed in the Colorado State Fair events. This week’s column is devoted to livestock and dog projects; next week’s will focus on 4-H general project exhibits.

Over a Cup of Coffee: Ginger’s green tomato mincemeat

As I sit writing this week’s column, I’m thinking that when I’m finished I need to go find covers for my flowers and garden. Word is that once this rainy patch clears out of here, we’re in for a frost — more than in the past week or so. I have lots of green tomatoes and some cabbage (plus other stuff) out there. This week’s recipes call for green tomatoes and cabbage!

VNA: Take responsibility, be ready for an emergency

During the hum of daily life, it can be hard to grasp the importance of emergency preparedness, especially when we haven’t recently faced danger of wildfire or other disasters.

Mike Littwin: Trump towers but stumbles; Fiorina wins GOP debate

During Wednesday night’s CNN GOP debate, all eyes were on the Donald — who failed to deliver coherent policies but promised America “more of everything.” Despite Trump’s not quite “braggadocious” performance, Carly Fiorina dominated.

Janet Sheridan: Do your spouse a favor

I’m neither Oprah nor Dr. Phil; but, based on novels and personal ponderings, I’ve developed a blueprint for staying married long enough to finish the leftover wedding cake.