Stephanie Pearce: Turn in your ballots and vote

This election has been weighing heavily on my mind. The most important thing you can do this election is fill your ballot out and get it turned back in.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Putting up the flag

I’ve been doing livestock-related chores a good part of my life, and I’ve had my mishaps, incidents that have turned out being a little messy but otherwise not serious. Most of them have been due to bad judgment on my part. My family thinks I need a flag so I can wave it when I get into trouble.

Cindy Morris: TMH was nice, helpful

I recently had a carpal tunnel operation at The Memorial Hospital in Craig. Prior to the operation I was feeling nervous; I hadn’t been operated on since I had appendicitis at age 13. From the moment I entered the hospital, I was treated with professionalism and kindness.

Brad Goldsmith: Noise ordinance?

I thought there was a noise ordinance in town? I should not have to hear from my house every time one of these kids in a diesel truck takes off from every red light in town or all night long they race through town.

Noelle Leavitt Riley: Honoring breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Let's fight the good fight.

Prather’s Pick: A memorable book about surviving cancer

Most people know Robin Roberts as a co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Before that, she was a long-time anchor at ESPN — for 15 years, as a matter of fact. When Roberts was a child, her mother used to say, “Everybody’s got something.”

Stephanie Pearce: More on the Senate race

We live in a country-minded community full of hardworking people. We need to realize that in the upcoming elections, the way we vote can have huge impacts on all the things that are important to all of us.

Senior Spotlight: Signs of the season

The signs of a new season have been showing up all over with the colors of the trees and all the fall foliage. Along with that come the temperature changes that make it difficult to decide just exactly what to wear for the day.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Two more awards

Each year when the 4-H and Future Farmers of America market animal show ring competitions are finished during the Moffat County Fair, the exhibitors await the results of two more contests — figuring the rate-of-gain (from the weigh-in of the market animal at the beginning of the project to the weigh-in at the fair) and the judging of the carcass contest. For some exhibitors, these are the most important results of all. (Ranchers and feeders of livestock probably agree.)

Over a Cup of Coffee: Cooking with apples

Recently we picked the apples from the trees in our front yard. The apples are small but especially delicious this year. We’ve been enjoying raw apple slices dipped in caramel and peanut butter, but there are so many apples that I’ve been looking through my files to find recipes for cooking them up. I’ve found two recipes.

Don Smith
: Community fellowship

In the evening of Thursday many of us were able to experience first hand the camaraderie of our fellow golfers when an elderly man suddenly collapsed at the doorway of the Yampa Valley Golf Course. The gentleman was standing around chatting about his round of golf and the fact that he was getting ready to head to Arizona for the winter when he unexpectedly fell to the floor, and right away everyone sprang into action following every protocol for an emergency to a T.

F. Neil Folks: You don't understand my story

Most of the time, I don’t even understand my own story; how can I expect you to do so?

Baxter Black: The Dilemma of Immigration

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” The message that rings down through the Bible from Exodus to Revelations, “Blessed are ye poor for yours is the Kingdom of God.”

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: ‘Gone Girl’ a mesmerizing mystery

The segment of wedding vows that mentions, “till death do us part” isn’t one most at the altar want to make their focus. However, those five words are very important to those who make up the cast list of “Gone Girl.”

Mike Littwin: Ladies and gentleman, Not-Wingnut Bob for governor

Bob Beauprez is not Tom Tancredo. That's the whole reason Republicans nominated him to run for governor. That's the reason he was recruited. The plan was that enough voters would overlook the fact that he had lost by 17 points the last time he ran for governor because, at minimum, they figured he wouldn't be a Tancredo-like distraction. And it worked. He won the primary.