Michael Bennet: Common sense bill would fuel economic growth

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has attracted a lot of attention around the nation as a cleaner, more affordable transportation energy source. LNG — natural gas that is cooled and converted into a liquid — is used for a variety of fueling purposes including large trucks, marine and rail vessels. Along with its potential as greener, cheaper fuel, it can also be a major economic driver in Colorado, where we have an abundance of natural gas.

Prather’s Pick: Cherished pieces of lace, II

In September, I reviewed “Mr. Wayne’s Masterpiece” — a children’s book by Patricia Polacco. Then recently, while at the Moffat County Library, I found another new book by Polacco. This book, like many of the other author’s books, is taken from her heritage. So I couldn’t help but review it, too.

Senior Spotlight: Adjust your outlook and stay positive

When I got up, I was feeling every bit of the restless night I had just had. I just couldn’t seem to get to sleep: turn on one side, on my back, on my other side — nothing seemed to work. Finally I got up, went and sat in my recliner, leaned back, turned on the TV, missed most of the program and had a good, short nap.

Stephanie Pearce: Giving community

We live in an amazing community that is a very giving community in general. I am thinking about this as I fill out my Moffat County United Way contribution form at work. We have services, programs, and activities that are funded in a large part through donations such as United Way.

Paula Sadvar: Support local cancer patient

Jerry Pritchard is battling cancer. He is a longtime resident and friend of Craig. An account has been set up at the Bank of the West in his name.

Joe Livingston: Clean water

The 42nd Anniversary of the Clean Water Act is a time for pause and celebration.
In the height of this crazy political season, it’s good to remember that clean, safe water is one of those rare apolitical issues.

Over a Cup of Coffee: More pumpkin treats

When I was a kid growing up on the ranch, Mom made her own pumpkin for pies and breads — that is if the garden pie pumpkins matured.

Baxter Black: Brand name beef

A variety of names for meat dishes.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Autumn on the ranch

Each change of season means a change in routine for ranchers and the getting-ready chores that go along with it. Right now, for example, livestock is being moved home from where the animals pastured over the summer. And before they can be moved home, fences along fall pasture have to be checked and hay yards buttoned up.

Visiting Nurse Association: Time to sign up for health insurance again

Yes, it’s already time for our community to start thinking about health insurance for 2015. Clients can re-enroll or sign up for the first time starting Nov. 15.

Gary L. Jacobs II: Thanks for good health care

I was in your area with three friends bow hunting elk. I hadn’t been feeling well, and the morning of Aug. 31 I was having chest pains so one of my companions brought me to the emergency room that morning. The gal at the reception counter was very friendly, took all my information, which I gave her, and then someone came out and took me right to a room.

John and Doris Zimmerman: Political sign stolen

Someone came onto our private property and stole our “Cory Gardener for U.S. Senate” sign. This sign was in our driveway at 855 County Rd. 30.

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: ‘The Judge’ can be a bit of a trial to watch

The last thing legal counsel wants is to handle the case of someone who shares their surname. The only thing worse is someone who insists on backseat lawyering, something that happens, but isn’t as funny as it sounds, in “The Judge.”

Janet Sheridan: Impossible to explain

I identify with philosophers, dreamers and academics who contemplate the mysteries of life, because I, too, ponder the unexplainable.

John Cannon-Petoskey: Craig Chamber is great

A Michigan resident had a good experience getting hunting information from the local chamber.