Mary Jo Brown: Believing compliments

Have you ever noticed how many times a compliment is shrugged off with a remark like, “this old thing,” “do you really think so?” or some other trite remark that depletes the meaning? If you keep sending the compliments away or make light of them, after a while you may stop getting any because it will appear you are ungrateful. It seems that we are afraid to admit that we are worth a compliment, we discount the marvelousness about ourselves.

Over a Cup: Taking some time to bake

With all my appointments and paperwork, I don’t have a lot of time to bake. This week, however, my car is going to be in the shop for repair of its heater (and not a bit too soon), so I’m going to stay home a little more — at least for a few days.

From Pipi’s Pasture: You know it’s cold when…

The weather has been so mild, and suddenly (within minutes it seems), it has turned cold. So all day I’ve been keeping track of what it’s like to try to adapt to the frigid temperatures here at Pipi’s Pasture, and the following is what I included in my notes.

Conservation Colorado: Sage grouse woes and wonders

As the last rays of sunlight disappeared under the ridge and the cold began sweeping across the basin, I slowly came to grips with the fact that another hunting season was being put to rest, and I was going to be trudging home without filling the freezer.

Our View: Greater sage grouse concerns elevated

The recent announcement that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will list the Gunnison sage grouse as threatened under the Endangered Species Act is a huge concern to Colorado and Moffat County officials — and for a good reason.

Craig health briefs for Nov. 15, 2014: Open enrollment for 2015 health insurance plans begins Saturday

To compare health plans, visit Connect For Health Colorado at http://connectforhealthco.com. Open enrollment ends Feb. 15, 2015, however to receive coverage beginning Jan. 1 or to change your existing plan, you must complete your enrollment by Dec. 15.

Senior Social Center: Sock Hop success

The Sock Hop Dance and fundraiser held by the Senior Social Center on Nov. 1 was a great success.

Scott Tochtrop: Craig fuel prices

What is up with the fuel prices in Craig?

Sunset staff
: A big ‘thank you’

Sunset Elementary would like to thank the following people and businesses for supporting our second annual Family Fall Festival.

Janet Sheridan: Things I wished for

When my birthday rolled around earlier this month, I had a list of things to wish for as I blew out the crowd of candles that topped my cake. Fortunately, oxygen-deprivation didn’t impact my mental acuity, and I remembered the entire list.

Rep. Bob Rankin’s Under the Dome: Thank you

Thank you once again for the honor of serving as your state representative. Now that the elections are over Joyce and I will be packing up for Denver to work on the Joint Budget Committee hearings beginning next week. With time to reflect on the last two years and anticipate the upcoming session, I realize that this experience has been one of the most interesting and often rewarding times of my life.

Michael Bennet: An affordable approach to college

This fall, a familiar story for high school seniors and their parents is repeating itself across Colorado. From Sterling to Silverton, members of the class of 2015 are making some of their first major life decisions as college application deadlines approach. Which schools should I apply to? Should I stay home or move away? Is a vocational school right for me? Can I afford my top choice?

Lance Scranton: Seeking refuge in strength, wisdom

This past week two news stories have torn at my heart and challenged my conscience. Two young women, each stricken with rare forms of brain cancer, made two very different decisions.

Prather’s Pick: A new Longmire book

A couple of weeks ago, while I was at Downtown Books in Craig, I was delighted to find a brand new book by Craig Johnson. He is the author of 10 bestselling novels set in Absaroka County, Wyoming and featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire. The books are so popular that they have inspired “Longmire,” the A&E drama series, starring Robert Taylor. Johnson’s new book, “Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories,” is published by Viking Penguin (2014).

Staff and Students from Sunset Elementary School: Veterans and kids

On Tuesday, the staff and students of Sunset Elementary School would like to invite the community to visit Wyman Museum between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. to view a new display.