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The Bock’s Office: ‘Hundred-Foot Journey’ has plenty of flavor

The universal love of food is one that goes beyond any language barriers or geographic borders. But the message that we all just want to fill our bellies, be it with curry or hollandaise sauce, isn’t all that the film “The Hundred-Foot Journey” has on its list of specials.

Rep. Bob Rankin’s Under the Dome: Updates on ongoing issues

We just returned home from Grand Junction and the Club 20 Fall Meeting and debates. Club 20 hosts political debates in election years for the Western Slope and they are open to everyone.

Mike Littwin: Winning the debate, losing the fight

Gardner hit Udall repeatedly on his proximity to the president and Obamacare, but what if the election is about more than that?

Frank Moe: EPA meeting important

Today’s EPA community “COAL” meeting is truly the opportunity to not only overcome the naysayers statements that “no one on the Front Range will listen” but is the opportunity to change the decision makers’ minds.

DJ Barger: Full story on bank bear

The new icon for the Bank of Colorado is beautiful! Craig truly supports our local events, and the Whittle the Wood bear is dramatic.

The family of Roy Markham: Thank you for support

We would like to express a great appreciation for those who were so instrumental in Roy Markham’s care, especially in the last few months of his life.

Stephanie Pearce: Keeping control

Sitting at the rodeo, I watched as girl after girl (more than 20) guided their horses through the poles. The horse and rider go down the length of poles, turn around the end pole, weave down, turn back around and weave back down and come straight back at a dead run on the opposite side that they started. Pole bending can be a very beautiful event to watch.

Mary Jo Brown: Spend time with your elders

Whether you’re a writer, poet, performer, artist or a parent there are mornings when you get up, make the coffee, but can’t find the drive needed for the day. The will is not there and creativity is at a stalled, which is just part of life. Ideas for articles are hard to come by at times — like this one — but fortunately while listening to music or talking to someone the ideas start flowing again.

Baxter Black: The Trusty Toyota

Gerrall Wayne does his best to keep his old Toyota quarter-ton irrigator pickup in presentable condition. But he’s not afraid to put his ol’ truck to the test.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Those perfect fall days

As I wrote this column, I heard the television weatherman say that there might be snow in the mountains. Can that be happening already — and just as I’ve been getting my mind set for some beautiful fall days?

Over a Cup of Coffee: A new dessert

This week my column begins with two thank-you notes. First, thanks to Iva Decker, of Craig, who gave me a plate of popcorn balls and some peanut brittle.

Faith Column: Listen to God's nudges

There are times when God asks us to do stuff that doesn’t make sense like moving when others think we should stay or giving when we have nothing left. When I’m faced with a decision that could lead to actions that don’t add up, I look to some stories from the Bible. There are so many stories of requests God made of people that seem contrary or just plain weird.

Chris Welch: Draining the reservoir

Has Colorado Parks and Wildlife lost their minds? Not only is poisoning the fish and draining the reservoir absurd, it is irresponsible.

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The Bock’s Office: Summer good, summer not so good

When you go to the movies as often as I do, sometimes the shows you see during the summer are ones you wish you hadn’t or are purely recycled, while there are others you regret missing. If you haven’t gotten your fill of the season’s offerings, here’s a cross-section of films I haven’t had the chance to weigh in on that you may want to catch or avoid at all costs.

Mike Littwin: So much money, so little speech

This may be the year in which we finally say enough is enough. (Actually, it won't be. But if you buy the premise, you buy the bit.)