Calden Scranton: Be mindful of money

As a recent graduate, I am currently learning the road of the adult life. There are hard decisions to make and I’m realizing that there are things that are more important than others.

Stephanie Pearce: Be an active voter, participate in governance class

How active do you think you should be in the political arena? Most people think that voting every couple of years and writing a letter to their elected officials about things that concern them from time to time is enough, but is it?

Our View: Restaurant owner's decision seen as a negative for community

Economic disparity is a huge deal in any community, and the recent news that Stacks Smokehouse closed after less than six months of being in business adds to imbalance of Craig’s economic outlook.

From Pipi's Pasture: Signs of summer

A few days ago it officially — by the calendar — turned summer. Here I’ve been writing about winter and spring at Pipi’s Pasture for what seems to be a long time so now it’s summer’s turn. Here’s what I’ve noticed about early summer.

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Patti Mosbey: Survivors of Sand Wash Basin

It’s hot in Sand Wash Basin this time of year. The heat brings the annoying “no see’ums” those nasty little gnats that find their way down your collar, up your pant leg and into your clothing in the most aggravating places. You don’t notice them so much at the initial onslaught, but give it a few hours. You reach to scratch and then the burning, itching and welts began to rise. I’ve found about the only thing that works has to have deet in it and then there’s no guarantee.

Over a Cup of Coffee: Two New Casseroles

This week I did use the Crockpot once — to cook a piece of roast beef until it was tender. When I got home from work I made sandwiches with the beef, cheese, and sliced Jalapenos for my husband Lyle and none for me. I wrapped the buns in aluminum foil and put them in the oven until the cheese melted. This is one of our favorite sandwiches, and the leftovers can be warmed for lunch.

Adam Mercier: Jumping off bridges

Recently, I remember my cousin giving me a hard time about having a New Belgium beer company sticker on my car.

Louise Irvine: Gratitude for support

Perhaps you sent a lovely card or set upon a chair.

Lois Stoffle: Thank you!

It’s 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 24, 2015, and I just got home from taking a very relaxing river float trip.

My dewlap is none of your darn business

Politeness counts. When threatened by a cow moose with youngsters in tow, do not say “Excuse me for living Mrs. Bullwinkle.”

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The Bock’s Office: Glad, sad, mad and more are all part of ‘Inside Out’

If Jiminy Cricket had any actual power as a conscience, his story might have gone a lot quicker. Then again, when you’re given a computer console that can make someone cry, grin or throw a tantrum like in “Inside Out,” it can get even trickier.

Janet Sheridan: A better world

I listen to the national news, and it alarms me: crumbling infrastructure in sprawling cities, abused children in homes where they should be safe, unspeakable murders in peaceful towns, the weak apologies of elected officials involved in questionable acts, counter-claims of racism and police brutality, mentally ill or evil people wielding knives, guns, cars, fire, and poison to harm others.

Lois Stoffle: Whittle the Wood makes for a grand weekend

What a grand weekend at Loudy-Simpson Park!

Fantasy Sports Fix: Hitters and pitchers to watch

It's been a good week for my fantasy baseball team. And I don't say that without any hesitation. It was a sight to behold, as I moved up the standings once again with seven batters hitting over .300, producing 28 RBIs and nine home runs between them. All that to move up one spot in the standings, although that one spot accounted for 4 roto points, so not too bad.

Lance Scranton: Textbooks or technology?

When budgets are tight and declining student enrollment is a reality, it can be unsettling. When I was hired to replace an English teacher 18 years ago, the high school boasted over 850 students. When we went on field trips or sporting contests, coaches were given money to defray the cost of student meals.