From Pipi's Pasture: The sounds around us

This past week I have been listening to the sounds of the birds here at Pipi’s Pasture. Some of their songs seem to be heralding spring. So that has gotten me to think about other sounds around us, most so familiar that we may take them for granted. This week’s column is dedicated to the sounds around us.

Thinking About Health: Shopping for health care isn’t like buying computers

Imagine a world where you could shop for medical procedures the way you shop for computers. Most likely, price is near the top of your list when you’re looking for a new computer. Not so when the “product” is a hip replacement or an MRI. Generally, what the procedure costs is largely irrelevant. And doctors will make the decision about where the surgery will take place.

Our View: Addiction facility is a good idea

Mental health and drug dependency are extremely difficult hardships to tackle without help, and the lack of addiction and health facilities in Northwest Colorado make it difficult assist those with such problems.

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: Oscar nominees going for the gold

Earlier this month, the Super Bowl finished off the pro football season to the consternation of sports junkies, and this weekend comes the equivalent of the Big Game for cinephiles. The 87th Academy Awards will include just as many gripes and pleasant surprises alike as the best in film for 2014 are honored.

Janet Sheridan: Car sick

I spot them as soon as they enter a restaurant: weary, shoes untied, crumbs littering their clothing. They remove their sunglasses, rub the bridges of their noses and order with little interest; then they smooth out a wrinkled map or peer at a digital version on their cell phones. Road trippers.

F. Neil Folks: Cutting the ‘fat’

Perceptions can be devious. They all depend on from which viewpoint one is standing on viewing the world. Each of us will read the budget or listen to the presenters of the budget from our own perspective, from our basis of experience.

Duane Koukol: A poem for Issik

A poem for Issik.

Lance Scranton: Are millennials reliable?

I recently accompanied my son to Denver for a College Preview Day where I learned seven things over the course of a day-long tour and seminar that have adjusted my perspective on how we view our most precious and productive resource:

Prather’s Pick: A romantic thriller

This week’s Prather’s Pick reviews “River Road,” a suspense novel by author Jayne Ann Krentz. She has written an impressive number of novels — more than 50, in fact. Her contemporary romantic suspense novels are under the name Jayne Ann Krentz, while her futuristic and historical romantic novels are under the pseudonyms Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick.

Over a Cup of Coffee: A question about 'Pudding Fruit Salad' and more

Since I’ve been writing about pudding, here’s a good dessert for Valentine’s Day. This is a well-known recipe. I may have even included it in this column before. I’ve made it a lot.

Melody Villard, Beth Gilchrist, Diane Brannan, MaryBea and family: An amazing community

As event organizers, you always hope that your event is successful. We think we found the secret. We focused our event on a woman with a kind heart, a generous spirit and a faithful soul.

Senior Spotlight: A family vacation with a surprise

I had the pleasure of taking a short vacation with my daughter, Jane, great-granddaughter, Haley, and great-great grandson, Caemden, last week. My oldest grandson, Jaceson, was going to celebrate his birthday and it seemed like a good time to surprise him with a visit. There was an added surprise because his daughter, Sarah, also was flying in from Alabama.

Stephanie Pearce: Act, look respectable to catch EPA’s ear

Our little corner of the world has so many issues that need to be represented at the state and national levels. We need to remember that presentation is everything and make sure that our representation is thorough, powerful and appealing with a reliable reputation.

Jobeth Haydon-Tupa: School board meeting

I was among those who attended Thursday’s school board budget meeting. After four hours of listening to MCSD staff members, one thing became blatantly obvious; the meeting to “discuss” the district’s current budget crisis was not for that purpose at all.

Our View: MCSD budget doesn't add up

Thursday night’s special school board meeting was interesting, heart wrenching and daunting.