Greg Smith: Tear down eyesores

Signal Hill. Isn’t it about time they tore that eyesore down? It never will be renovated. Seems like whoever owns it now has some kind of “special connections.” Any other place in town that has decayed to that point has been the subject of intense scrutiny. (Craig Motel, anyone?)

Marilynn Hill: Wake up candidates

I have begun to see a number of advertisements online and in the newspaper for candidates vying for the Moffat County Commissioner race, District 3. Truly, I wish the candidates would just stick to the issues of the county that they can impact such as roads, schools, taxes, tourism, health care, economic development, transportation, etc.

Trisha King, Melissa Dowd, Sharon Skwarek and Janie Wilson: Thanks Parrot Heads

The Craig Middle School literature teachers would like to thank the Parrot Head Club for its generous donation in supporting the arts of the middle school for the Carol Jacobson Memorial Poetry Contest. There were 115 entries in the contest, and there were five prize winners, as well as five honorable mentions.

Prather’s Pick: A funny picture book

The two characters in this week’s picture book for kids are about as different as can be — a tiny mole and a great big “Lumpy-Bumpy Thing” (a crocodile, I think, although I suppose it could be an alligator). “Dangerous” was written and illustrated by Tim Warnes who illustrated the Little Tiger Books. The book is published by Little Tiger Press (2014).

Senior spotlight for April 21

When I am getting started for the day I usually pause for a second to check my reflection in the mirror. Today I took a little longer look and it dawned on me that my hair was getting more white in it. That made me wonder if the texture of white hair was the reason why my hair seemed to be behaving the way it did when I was a lot younger.

Stephanie Pearce: Planning for prom

Living in the middle of nowhere like we do, we travel for everything we do. This travel requires planning. Right now, we are planning traveling for prom.

Editorial: 3-year-old's death is tragic

Some tragic news came out of Steamboat recently regarding the death of a 3-year-old child named Austin Davis.

Over a Cup: Easter desserts

I enjoy making fancy desserts for Easter dinner. That doesn’t mean that they take a lot of time; it means that they’re made with puddings, whipped topping, fruit, etc. This year I’m short on time so I am going to bake a yellow cake, leave it unfrosted, and then provide bowls of thawed and sweetened strawberries and peaches, whipped topping and vanilla ice cream. Family members can put them together as they like.

Advocates-Crisis Support Services: Sexual assault awareness

The children and teens of today are our hope for tomorrow. It’s important for us as parents, caring adults and communities to help set young people on the path for a healthy future and support them as they work to create positive change. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this year’s campaign is focused on youth.

Cammi Balleck: Tribute to Lex Burton

The range was his home, far from his saddle he did not roam. His hands knew of wrenches, ropes and wire. Many hours he parked his wagon, and stayed warm by the camp fire.

Walt and Marilyn Stevens: Thank you TMH

Wow — great things are happening at TMH Medical Clinic. Now when we call, we talk to a person instead of a machine. For seniors in our community, this is extremely important. The doctors and staff are very timely, friendly and professional. We appreciate all of you and the changes you are making.

Pipi’s Pasture: The unpredictable Easter weather

When my brother, sisters and I were growing up on the ranch, we spent some worrisome days just prior to Easter. We looked forward to the holiday, and we worried that we might not get to have an Easter egg hunt. Our dad always said that an early Easter meant an early spring, but in Moffat County it really didn’t matter whether it was March or April; it could always storm.

Nate Waggenspack: Showing the runner's spirit at the Boston Marathon

Craig Daily Press sports writer Nate Waggenspack on runners overcoming last year's tragedy in Boston.

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: Zany European exploits abound in ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’

A story doesn’t have to be true, moral or even make complete sense in order to be meaningful. If none of these things bother you, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” has a vacancy.

Mike Littwin: GOP race for governor still a mad toss-up

As a longtime (really, really longtime) political pundit, I’m embarrassed to say I have no idea who is going to win the Republican primary for governor. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure no one else does either.