Lois Stoffle: Thanks for parade visit

I would like to thank the “powers that be” at the Moffat County High School for having the homecoming parade make it all the way up to Sandrock Ridge Care & Rehab last Friday.

Nick Rubley: Draining Elkhead, Part 2

I would like to talk about wolves. You may think that this has nothing to do with endangered fish, but it does. Let me explain. In the early 1990s, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reintroduced 15 wolves into the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. There are now an estimated 1,700 animals in five states, including Colorado.

Prather’s Pick: ‘Pay It Forward,’ the young readers edition

This week’s book for readers ages 8 to 12 is very special. It’s the young readers edition of “Pay It Forward.” The adult version of the novel, same title, was written by author Catherine Ryan Hyde 14 years ago. That book was an international best-seller, and it became a major motion picture.

Stephanie Pearce: Volunteers give it their best shot

Volunteers are the most important part of most many functions that our kids are involved in. These volunteers sometimes don’t know much about the event they are helping with but are more than willing to get out there and try.

Mary Jo Brown: Turn off your stresses

I had one of those days when my mind kept wandering and my thoughts kept going to other things to the point that it was hard for me to get into my regular routine. I kept dwelling on things that were not really worth the time I was putting into thinking about.

René Littlehawk: Wild horses are a gift to Moffat County

Anyone who knows me knows my passion for all animals great and small. They also know that my biggest passion in the animal kingdom is the horse. My life has been inundated with the horse since I was born. I have always had horses and always will. All the ones I have now are well loved and well used.

Taylor Fredrickson: County jail defies ACLU

I am writing this in regards to the story from Wednesday concerning Moffat County Jail and its decision to continue to do illegal ICE holds even after confirming to the ACLU they would no longer participate in said holds.

Baxter Black: Veterinary medicine ain’t what it used to be!

Over the years the number of large animal veterinarians has steadily declined. It is most evident in rural America and Canada. Many factors have contributed to this decline; the greatest is the change in the profession itself.

Tease photo

The Bock’s Office: ‘Runner’ isn’t quite a-maze-ing

Kids, whenever you think your parents are being unreasonable, consider the fact that they probably never forced you to live in the wilderness and question if your next day would be your last. Compared to the teens of “The Maze Runner,” adolescents who have their cell phone taken away have it pretty easy.

Mike Littwin: Karl Rove's sad, mad, pretend JeffCo coffee klatchers

It's no mystery why Republicans keep losing the women's vote in Colorado (personhood/abortion/birth control). But if you're even slightly confused, come with me for a trip into the magical world of Karl Rove via his Crossroads GPS way-way-back machine.

Jody and Red Lee and Alvin Luker: Thank you

The Moffat County 4-H Sharp Shooters Club — consisting of the .22 small bore rifle, .22 small bore pistol, air pistol and rifle teams — would like to express our thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their assistance and support, without which the youth shooters would not have had the opportunity to attend the 4-H National Invitational in Grand Island, Nebraska, or the state of Colorado 4-H state shooting competition in Pueblo.

Beth Gilchrist: It takes a village

The Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrotheads would like to thank our village for their support in our sixth annual Phun Phall Phestival, Art’n the Park’n Lot.
We appreciate Craig Daily Press and KRAI & 55 Country Radio for spreading the word to their readers and listeners about our event.

Prather’s Pick: Unhappy crayons

Last week, my sister Darlene Blackford, who lives in Rocky Ford, sent me a clever picture book for children. She thought that my Children’s Literature (college) students and I would enjoy the book. We did enjoy the book — very much — and appreciated the creativity that went into writing and illustrating the story.

Stephanie Pearce: Forget TV, read a book

On a rare night when I had the opportunity to flip through my options on the television, I as truly amazed with the reality shows to choose from.

Mary Jo Brown: Appreciating pros and cons

Last month, I had a slight set back heath wise and spent some time away from home in rehab. Due to a change in my ability to get around,I was told I needed to use a wheelchair on my bad days, which resulted in my moving to a wheelchair accessible apartment in my building. In the process of moving some of the projects that I had put on hold reappeared, one of which was my embroidering.