James Neton: Working to inspire students

Young adults are at the peak of their youthful idealism. They want to believe in their future and aspire to greatness. We motivate and inspire when we connect to this glorious youthful passion and encourage them to rise above the bitter cynicism biting at our collective heels. Now, more than ever, we need them to maintain hope during this time of pessimism and relativism.

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Janet Sheridan: A traveler’s vocabulary

Mrs. Huff was noted for her monumental bosom and the hiccupping soprano. She used to teach my third-grade class the song “Far Away Places.” Singing lyrics about the alluring glamour of lands across the sea shaped my desire to visit “places with strange sounding names,” and motivated my collection of unusual words that describe travelers’ experiences or emotions. Some of my favorites follow.

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Mike Littwin: In Donald Trump’s big GOP wins, sexism seems to help

Just when it seemed certain that America — or at least a large Republican slice of it — had gone completely mad, the Trumpian night of reckoning came face to face with the now-famous eye roll. OK, it was a small thing, but if you’re among those grasping for hope, this is what you’ve got.

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Prather's Pick: You'll be Plumb surprised with this novel

“The Nest”, this week’s new novel, is a first for author Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. It is published by HarperCollins Books (2016). The novel’s story is about a dysfunctional family, the members of which scheme, lie, cheat and even steal to get what they want. The leading characters are the Plumb siblings — Leo, Bea, Melody and Jack. The plot revolves around The Nest, a joint trust fund to be shared by the siblings when the youngest, Melody, turns 40. That’s going to happen in February.

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Sunset Meadows: Thanks for donations

The residents at Sunset Meadows would like to thank the community for its donations.

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Lance Scranton: Craig’s ‘donut hole’ — think big

Economic development is a huge issue in and around Moffat County these days and there are definitely some ideas that could be considered for making Craig a possible hub for some exciting adventures year-round. A good friend of mine always liked to describe Craig as the donut hole and went on to explain that surrounding our peaceful Hamlet are any number of recreational and tourist opportunities.

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Judi Holland: Dealing with challenging behaviors with kids

Parents ask all the time, “Why does my baby cry? Why does my toddler refuse to share? Why does my preschooler bite?” Many behaviors, in which families regard as problematic, are age-appropriate. A 2-year old who is not able to sit still is acting his age; a 5-year-old who has trouble waiting her turn is behaving typically for her age. So what is a parent to do?

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Thoughtful Parenting: Strengthen your child’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

We live in a high pressure society where we sometimes hyper-focus on grades and test scores. However, there’s more to being successful in life than “book smarts.”

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The Sidener Family: In memory of Jaydon — thanks to community

It started as any other ordinary day. As a family we were visiting the town of Craig with the consideration of relocating to the area. Kevin Sidener had become “Kevin #2” at Cook Ford and was enjoying the camaraderie he and the salesmen were developing. Together he and I had decided that moving to Craig might be good for our family, so I loaded up our daughter and son on a Thursday afternoon and headed to Craig to see for myself.

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Tom Elder: Vernal, Utah’s bust cycle hits once again

Vernal has fallen on hard times — again. Northeastern Utah, like many western regions, has had a boom and bust economy for decades. Each cycle, the Uintah Basin becomes economically dependent on the energy industry. Then as the price of oil and gas drops to dismal lows, so too goes our economy. Can we break this cycle? Can we create a sustainable economy? If we look at past cycles, it becomes clear that we must look to our renewable assets to create a better future.

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Over a Cup Coffee: Macaroni and Hamburger

Recently I’ve been remembering recipes that I cooked up years ago, when I had young children. Amazingly, I recall the dishes but not how to prepare them. I think that I cooked some recipes — like a meat loaf — out of my head, not from a written recipe. (It’s too bad that I can’t remember how I made the meat loaf because it was moist and my husband Lyle liked it.)

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From Pipi’s Pasture: Ucky has a calf

On April 9, Ucky had a calf. That doesn’t seem to be a big deal because cows have calves all the time, but Ucky is about 20 years old, her bones creak, and her teeth are deteriorating — in other words, she’s old.

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Our view: Thanking law enforcement

Law enforcement officers have a “thankless” job, meaning they’re not recognized enough for the precarious and dangerous situations they face on a daily basis.

Scott Tipton: National monument designations must be locally driven

This law, still in effect today, gives authority to the President of the United States to proclaim certain significant natural, cultural or scientific areas as national monuments, if they are located on federal public lands, with the intent of preventing destruction or harm to them.

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Mike Littwin: Can Bernie Sanders still win the revolution if he can’t win the race?

In New York, the city where some people actually do sleep, the 2016 campaign was re-awakened to some old realities — that momentum in politics is highly overrated and it’s demography (if not always democracy) that wins the day.