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Ollie Hope: Bailout unnecessary

To the editor:

Does anyone, anywhere believe the Wall Street bailout is anything but another Big Oil and Bush money-making venture for themselves and the rest of the American wealthy crowd? They’ve been going on for the past eight years while billing the low-income and working classes for all the costs, of which the inhuman slaughter in the Middle East has been only one example, but the most profitable so far, I believe. But with all the media propaganda, 24 hours a day, and politicking going on in secret, it’s hard to tell; plus all the nonsense about another election with both candidates bankrolled by the same wealthy and from profits earned for them with the lives and dollars of the non-wealthy, which the White House, the commander in chief, Congress, the Pentagon, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Washington, D.C., crowd call “democracy.”

George W. Bush calls it in private, “Good business sense.”

A change? Ha, ha!

Ollie Hope


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