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Winston Philip BoyerK
Winston Philip Boyer of Savery Wyoming died in his sleep in his cabin at the Boyer Ranch on Feb. 2. He was 84 years old.
He was the son of John St. Auban Boyer and Mary A. Boyer of Savery. He was one of eight children Livingston, Richard, Winston, John, Kathleen, Charlotte, George and Joyce.
Born on July 28, 1915, in Coronado, Calif., he was a graduate of Themopolis High School near Padlock, Wyo., where his father ran the Padlock Ranch for several winters.
He married Josephine Swift of Pasadena, Calif., in 1950. They had three children.
Boyer was involved in mining, inventing, ranching and horse training. He spent the last years of his life at the family ranch in Savery.
He is survived by his sons, Winston Swift Boyer, and Jonathan Swift Boyer; daughter, Eliza Swift Baer; grandchildren, Stella Maria Baer and Gabriel Baer; former wife, Josephine Swift Boyer; sister Joyce Saer; and many nephews and nieces.
A memorial service will be celebrated at the Boyer Ranch later in the year.

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