Nurse supports tobacco ordinance |

Nurse supports tobacco ordinance

Marilyn Bouldin RN,

To the Editor;

This letter is to convey the support of the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association regarding a youth tobacco possession ordinance.

430,000 Americans die each year from tobacco-related diseases; 53,000 die annually from inhaling other people’s tobacco smoke.

Many young smokers do not intend to become lifetime smokers, but find themselves unable to break free of their addiction to nicotine. Adolescent smoking is at an all time high.

Whatever we as a society can do to discourage the use of tobacco, we should do!

The most effective strategy to reduce the use of tobacco is a multi-approach involving the community, schools, public health systems, medical providers and law enforcement. The VNA would like to encourage an educational approach to this ordinance, and agrees to provide that education to children who are found to be in violation of this ordinance.

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Marilyn Bouldin RN,

MS Director of Community Care

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