Nurse Reishus moves to new home |

Nurse Reishus moves to new home

Donna Reishus

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited!

I moved into my new house today. I was able to get all the paperwork completed in Belmopan last Thursday. I took Jeremy, an 11-year-old boy who goes to church with me every Sunday, along for company on the 10-hour round trip bus ride. He had never been to Belmopan before, so it was a great adventure for both of us.

The rain keeps coming; the rivers are high, some roads are flooded. I’m learning to maneuver my bike through mud and potholes really well!

Anna and her friend Nick will be here on Wednesday; I hope the weather is better. I’m so happy to be in my new house and really have room for guests.

My new address is:

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Donna Reishus

Hopeville, Toledo District

Belize, Central America

I will be getting a new phone number later this week, or so they say…

One more picture, this time to let you know that I have some fun here, too. This is a picture of me with my friend, Nelda. She works for the Immigration Department and is being transferred to Belize City, so we had a going away party for her.

Please keep Belize in your prayers as Chantal comes our way. The government is taking hurricane precautions. All medical personnel have to report to the hospital tomorrow morning, because if a hurricane hits, it will happen tomorrow night. Everyone is boarding up the windows, houses, businesses.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that because there is no plywood left to buy in town.

Samuelson’s Hardware, where are you when I need you?

More later,

Love and peace,

Nurse Donna Reishus

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Nurse Donna

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